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Posted On: 6 August 2011 07:17 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

Twitter celebrates its fifth birthday

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Twitter social networking has passed many stages since its inception five years ago as just a site for the exchange of short text messages over the Internet. Many can not conceive of the site's users live without twitter or messages that are sent, and it also consists of 140 characters. The impact of these messages on the global financial markets and help in the overthrow of leaders, dictators, and billions of dollars, although the possibility of gain from it is still in doubt. And sent the first message via Twitter on March 21, 2006, although the service did not start the actual work only on 15 July of the same year when he wrote Michael Warrington in his blog that bears the name "Tech Crunch" that the company Odio launched a new service launched under the name Twitter is a means to send messages to a large group of people. Odio was a small company based in San Francisco and works in the field of multimedia services, and during one of the sessions, the company proposed a software developer named Jack Dorsey innovation system to update data between team members per company through technology exchange messages. It was possible in this way to know every one of the members of the team nature of the task performed by his colleagues. It took the process of creating the prototype for the program two weeks before the first Dorsey sends a message entitled "Invitation to co-workers." After four months, the company launched a small side-project is to provide a service to the public exchange of letters, was the success of this project is surprising. During the first year of the launch of the first message "tweets," Dorsey founded a new company in partnership with Biz Stone and Evan Williams and called it "Twitter." The idea of ​​this very simple service which broadcast messages are not larger than 140 characters, giving the possibility of exchange of long texts, images and video files in the form of electronic links. The site is characterized by high flexibility so that Twitter could be used to achieve different objectives as desired by each user so that can be used to follow the most important news from media sources or identify the celebrity news and public figures, or access the material and analytical knowledge. Allow the eyewitness accounts that are sent via twitter to identify the most important global disasters, moment by moment, such as Japan, earthquake disaster tsunami waves that followed, such as revolutions or revolutions that swept many people from the Middle East since the beginning of this year. It can also simply use Twitter to track news of friends and acquaintances and find out simple things such as their food items, which they ate for breakfast or impressions of a movie while watching it. But the only element that kept the service Twitter is a financial gain as well as advertising on Twitter has not succeeded until now to take advantage of fame tyrant enjoyed the site and turn it into a source of profit, as many of the site's users see advertising material broadcast through into suspicion and mistrust.