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Posted On: 22 August 2021 11:02 am
Updated On: 22 August 2021 01:53 pm

Qatari-owned Tropicool Açaí and Superfruits plant 1,500 trees in the Amazon

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Tropicool Açaí and Superfruits plants 1,500 trees in the Amazon

Tropicool Açaí and Superfruits, owned by partners Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulla Al Thani, Sheikh Ahmed bin Abdulla Al Thani, Maurício Esteves, and Caio Nabuco, planted 1,500 native Amazonian fruit trees in the municipality of Mâncio Lima, state of Acre, Brazil on 25 June 2021.

The planting took place in partnership with SOS Amazônia’s project “Faça Florescer Floresta” (translated “Make the Forest Bloom”), which aims to mitigate climate change through the reforestation of deforested areas in the region. The Amazon is the main source of raw material for Tropicool products, which includes bowls, ice cream, juices, and other products based on açaí and superfruits. For every 10 liters of Tropicool açaí sold worldwide, Tropicool plants a tree in the Amazon rainforest. "Our promise is to return to the Amazon what it offers us as raw material, and which we work to take to the whole world,” explains Sheikh Mohammed Al Thani, member of the Qatar royal family. Delivering on its promise, Tropicool planted 1,500 trees in its first replanting project.

The replanting aims to restore a hectare and a half of forestry (about 15 thousand square meters), with the help of three local families. Through the “Faça Florescer Floresta” project, an agreement was established with families of the region to sustainably generate social, environmental, and economic benefits for the families, enabling the reduction of pressure on forests, while reducing deforestation and maintaining biodiversity. The local families aided in the purchase of seedlings and in the application of the agroforestry systems method. “In this way, we understand that it is mandatory to repay the Amazon and its people for its natural wealth and importance to humanity. This is just the first replanting, there is already tree credit for us to replant even more this year”, says Sheikh Mohammed Al Thani.

As a result of its founders’ international background, Tropicool was built with a “born to be global” mission. The partners, who are from Qatar and Brazil, had the idea of ​​innovating the way açaí is transported to make it a global product, resulting in a company inspired by sustainability and healthy lifestyles. Partner Caio Nabuco adds, “We are passionate about sharing the rich, refreshing flavors of Amazonian fruits with the world, particularly at a time when everyone is more aware of what they eat. Being able to achieve this goal, directly impacting communities in the Amazon region, and contributing to the environment of our planet is something that makes us very happy.”

In partnership with Apex-Brasil and the Arab Brazilian Chamber, the brand first premiered in February 2020 at Gulfood, the world's largest food fair, and was inaugurated in parallel with the operation of the Dubai Mall. Since then, Tropicool has expanded its reach to Qatar, Mexico, and Brazil, and it is served in over 50 select locations around the world. “The strategy was to diversify the business models, always reinforcing the natural characteristics of the fruits, the concern for the environment and the Brazilian origin,” adds Mauricio.

Superfruits are the foundation of Tropicool. Tropical fruits, including açaí, mangoes, and other fruits soon to be launched, derive from certified producers, which guarantee the export of sustainable, organic products. All materials at the point of sale also follow the sustainable and organic requirement, meaning the brand does not use plastics or any other type of material that could interrupt the natural biodegradable cycle. The entire concept was designed to take the Amazon superfruits to the world, keeping their original flavor and not frozen, while maintaining safety protocols in its innovative formula and packaging.

About Tropicool Açaí and Superfruits

The story began with university friends who shared açaí bowls before classes at Harvard Business School. They formed a partnership and set out to search for an innovative form of production with aseptic technology that makes it possible to preserve the fruit flavors and their natural characteristics for up to 15 months, without the need to freeze. With the proper packaging, the Tropicool can be transported over long distances, taking Brazil to the world in the form of digital cafes, kiosks, stores in store, carts, and others. Tropicool is certified Halal, USDA, Kosher, among other seals that certify quality for the most demanding markets. Tropicool currently has more than 50 locations in Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil (São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro), and Mexico (Tulum). Later this year, Tropicool will be available at Expo2020, a world exhibition to take place in the United Arab Emirates.

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Source and cover image credit: Tropicool Press Release