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Posted On: 6 October 2009 01:21 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

Traffic violation at roundabouts under scanner

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Paper Boy
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The QR6,000 penalty for jumping a red signal at any traffic signal intersection will also apply to those who jump the newly installed roundabout signals, according to an official at the Traffic Department. Lt Colonel Rashid Saleh al-Jamra said that the traffic investigation section will be monitoring the roundabout signals and enforce the law in case of a violation made by a motorist. “With the reopening of schools, our investigation section will be intensifying its patrols to check those who do not comply with the traffic rules at roundabouts,” the official was quoted as saying by a local Arabic daily. Lt Colonel al-Jamra, who is the head of the traffic flow section, added that the same penalty deserved by those who jump the red signal in any traffic intersections will go for those who make the violation in a roundabout signal as well. According to the traffic rules, the motorist who violates the red signal is punishable by paying a fine of QR600 along with receiving seven traffic points to his record at the traffic department. The traffic signals which have recently installed at roundabouts were a solution to ease the traffic congestions at roundabouts. However, they have no camera installed with them.