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Posted On: 16 April 2015 07:31 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:15 pm

Traffic through Al Asiri interchange resumes; new road eases vehicular flow

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Vehicular traffic through the Al Asiri interchange resumed Wednesday with the opening of an additional east-bound carriageway from the Salwa road end.
Traffic is now possible through stretches which were closed for widening and strengthening, and instead of two lanes earlier, a third lane is also opened for facilitating vehicular movement, Ashghal said Wednesday. The work started in December last year.
An additional lane was also added to improve the traffic flow from east of Salwa road going right towards the D-Ring Road (Khalifa Al Attiyah interchange). Similarly, more lanes were added to the south-bound road stretching from Al Asiri interchange to the ground level of the D-Ring Road running parallel to Al Asiri tunnel, making it a three-lane road instead of two earlier.
The expansion works also included the construction of an additional lane on the ground level of Al Amir Street parallel to Al Asiri tunnel and stretching south towards Al Asiri interchange. The now stretch has four lanes instead of three earlier.
As part of the expansion, an additional carriageway was also constructed to serve the west-bound traffic flow from Al Asiri interchange towards Salwa Road and Al Mana Petrol Station.
The expansion works also included the completion of three east-bound carriageways from the direction of Al Asiri interchange along Salwa Road and past the entrance to Al Qafila Street from Salwa Road.
Work on the east-bound Al Asiri Interchange towards Jabr Bin Ahmad (Ramada) Intersection is also over. Now a third carriageway is added to the two existing carriageways.
The project also included increasing the number of lanes on the carriageway heading west from Salwa Road in the direction of Al Asiri interchange to three instead of two lanes.
The fourth expansion phase comprised the construction of an additional lane to improve the traffic flow from Salwa Road towards Al Asiri Interchange and going right towards Al Amir Street. The improvement has made the north-bound carriageway heading from Al Asiri interchange towards the ground level of Al Amir Street, parallel to Al Asiri interchange has turned into three lanes instead of two.
The works completed in the area included the maintenance of traffic diversions, the clearing of construction sites, works of sewage networks, the laying of services pipes, excavation works and the paving of the lower road layers, flexible surfaces, sidewalks, signs, and traffic signage.
The completed expansion works has eased traffic flow and received positive feedback from road users, Ashghal said in a statement.