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Posted On: 17 August 2022 09:35 am
Updated On: 18 August 2022 01:20 pm

Traffic Directorate to auction impounded vehicles if not claimed

Tracy Quirino
Tracy Quirino
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Impounded cars to be auctioned if not claimed

The General Directorate of Traffic has announced in a tweet a memo with regards to impounded vehicles. The memo notes that owners of vehicles that have been impounded for more than three months should approach the Traffic Investigation Section at the Industrial Area - Street No.52, to complete the procedures and receive the vehicles.

Vehicle owners may reclaim their vehicles only after paying penalties and ground fees within 30 days of this announcement effective from Wednesday, 17 August 2022.

If the owners of the impounded vehicles do not show up within the specified period, the General Directorate of Traffic will cancel those vehicles that have completed the legal period from the traffic records and display them for sale in a public auction.

The General Directorate of Traffic is yet to announce the date and location for the impounded vehicles' auction.

Source and cover image credit: General Directorate of Traffic