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Posted On: 9 September 2013 05:27 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:13 pm

Traffic Department’s plan effective in easing congestion

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Though Doha roads witnessed more traffic yesterday when several schools reopened after summer vacation, the advance preparations by the Ministry of Interior went a long way in easing the congestion. If it was mostly Indian schools which reopened yesterday, the other schools are scheduled to reopen today and tomorrow, increasing the number of vehicles on the road, especially contributing to the morning and afternoon rush. None of the Indian schools reported any disruption in their functioning yesterday, on account of heavy traffic. Vehicular movement will reach its peak by tomorrow when all the Arabic and Independent schools are beginning their new academic year. The Traffic Department’s plan worked smoothly yesterday to ease circulation on all roads of Doha, especially those where construction work is on, in co-ordination with the Rescue Police (Al Fazaa) and Internal Security Force (Lekhwiya). All such areas were covered by traffic patrols with special focus on key intersections and roundabouts. There were more than 60 traffic patrols from the department along with those from Lekhwiya and Al Fazaa. The traffic plan also covered the parking areas of schools to ensure the safe movement of students and their parents. Traffic policemen on motorbikes patrolled the busiest stretches of Al Shamal Road during the peak hours yesterday to ensure smooth flow of vehicles. They were riding on the hard shoulder as well as between the traffic too. The mere sight of traffic cops on bikes contributed substantially to improved road behaviour from the motorists. “If patrols on bikes are made regular, traffic on Al Shamal Road should improve,” a motorist said. Capt Ali al-Baridi, head of the traffic movement, has urged parents who drive their children to school should start as early as possible to avoid any potential congestion, which usually causes them stress that leads to road accidents. Motorists have also been cautioned not to block roads in case of minor road accidents. “They should move the vehicles to the side of the road and go to the nearest police station together,” he said, while calling upon all road users to co-operate with police personnel and abide by traffic regulations.