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Posted On: 19 May 2009 01:21 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Traffic cameras at every 5km likely

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Radars may be installed at every 5km on Doha roads, the director of the traffic department, Col. Mohamed Sad al-Kharji has said. In an interview to the local Arabic daily Al-Arab, Col Mohamed Sad al-Kharji also spoke on many other issues pertaining to the traffic department. Following are excerpts: “In order to control over-speeding and reckless driving that lead to fatal accidents, we have introduced radars on several main roads and inner roads. The number of radars on the Abu Samra road has been increased to 16 and we are planning to install radars at every 5km on all the major roads and highways. All these radars can be seen by the public. There are no hidden radars. We also have units of mobile radar that are used on some points on the expressways in order to check unruly motorists. “We will also very soon set up a link between all the radars as is done in other countries. “Our main concern is always about educating the motorists, and the public in general, on road awareness and the need to abide by the culture of good traffic. We have posted additional traffic sergeants on some selected traffic points and roundabouts to check on motorists who drive without wearing their seat belts, who keep talking on their mobile phones while driving and who have infants by their side or on their laps. “We would like to appeal to all parents to keep a watchful eye on their adolescent children especially after they get their driving licence. Road awareness and abiding by the principles of good driving can be achieved only with the co-operation and understanding of the public. These are principles that have to be imbibed by the motorists, especially the upcoming generation so that everyone on the road feels safe and reaches his destination safely. “The total number of vehicles plying in the country as per the statistics for the end of last year was 103,599, which is a 25% increase over the previous year. “The amounts of money stipulated as penalties in the new traffic law may appear to be exorbitant but a law abiding motorist will not be bothered by it. It is significant to note that many Arab countries have decided to impose similar penalties.