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Posted On: 16 May 2016 07:27 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Top Shawarma Spots in Doha

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Who doesn’t love shawarma? Like seriously, it’s such a delicious little creation. A wrap that’s made using delicious flat Arabic bread, which then adds beef or chicken, pickles, french fries, lettuce, garlic sauce, and tahina (crushed sesame seeds sauce) to make this flavorful explosion of delight for one’s tastebuds. Not to mention that most of them are very reasonably priced ranging from QR 5 - QR 10. We’ve listed some of Doha’s top shawarma spots, feel free to add your favorite in the comment section! (For those who don’t know, shawarmas can also be ordered via car-hop!)

Title Image: The Pan-Arabian Enquirer

Mashawi Al-Arabi - Al Nasr, Al Rayyan

Photo credit: Nasr Ibrahim

The shawarmas at Mashawi Al-Arabi are all around fantastic. They combine the perfect amount of chicken, fries, garlic sauce, and lettuce. Their bread also has this yummy grilled flavor to it, which is like a total shawarma package. Definitely try Mashawi if you haven’t already! It’s one of my personal favorites, particularly since I like my shawarmas a little spicy and they add Turkish chili if you ask them to. They also come in the regular size, and a large size, which is awesome.

Turkey Central - Al Nasr

Photo credit: Yamini Wadhwani

Turkey Central’s shawarmas are also quite delicious. They have this amazing red sauce that they sometimes add to the shawarma bread, which adds a whole new flavor to the shawarma in my opinion, and they also maintain a good balance of filling (chicken, pickles, sauce, salad, fries).

Petra - Al Nasr, Bin Omran

Photo credit: Zomato

The shawarmas at Petra are quite popular. They’re not traditionally wrapped shawarmas, they’re more like mini pita pockets with the shawarma filling of meat or chicken, salad, and tahina or garlic sauce.

Hala Istanbul - Al Gharafa

Photo credit: Shawarma Urban

Turkish shawarmas are generally tasty, accept this information in good faith. Not as tasty as Mashawi’s or Turkey Central’s, but still worth a try!

Cono Warma - Qatar Petrol Station, Al Waab

I recently tried Cono Warma and it’s pretty good. I mostly like the fact that their shawarmas are shaped in a cone to prevent spillage out the other end, as that usually tends to happen when you ravage your shawarma, but even taste-wise they’re good. They have a lot of different options on their menu and aren’t a traditional shawarma joint, but I ordered a classic anyway.

Al Annabi - Al-Waab

Photo credit: Recipe Hubs

I remember trying Al Annabi a few years ago, and I have to say their shawarmas are crazy good. I heard that the restaurant had closed down a few years back and recently found out that there’s another Al Annabi around the same area where the original used to be. I personally don’t know if it’s the same one, but the first Al Annabi’s shawarmas were amazing.

What are your favorite shawarma spots in Doha? Comment below!