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Posted On: 25 June 2017 04:28 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:17 pm

Top five ways to beat the heat this summer

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As much as we want to enjoy summer, the heat-wave makes us miserable here in Qatar. But there are always ways to combat the heat and make the most out of Doha’s blazing summer. We’ve made a list of some easy summer hacks to help you overcome the heat! Check them out!

Protect your skin:

First things first, always wear sunscreen before leaving the house. Excessive sun exposure increases the chances of developing skin cancer and photodamage, which are some of the more harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Stay hydrated:

Our body needs water to maintain its temperature, especially on a hot and humid day. Avoid using plastic bottles and carry a reusable water bottle with you at all times instead. Don’t like drinking plain water? Infuse your water with some lime, mint, fruits or some local cucumbers. You should also drink coconut water as it has antioxidants, natural cooling properties and can lower blood pressure levels!

Wear light clothes and put on some sunglasses:

Light coloured clothes reflect sunlight and keep your body relatively cooler. It’s ideal to wear clothes made of cotton or linen during summer. These fabrics allow free circulation of air and decreases perspiration. It’s also important to protect your eyes from the sun. Wear sunglasses that have UV-protection on them.

Take a dip:

Swimming is the perfect summer activity. It’s an all-round fun way to burn calories during the summer. If you want to feel relaxed, go for a swim in a nice cold swimming pool. There are many indoor and outdoor swimming facilities in Qatar. They’re available at most of the hotels, housing compounds and institutions like Qatar foundation or Aspire. You can also always visit the beach, especially if you want a nice, golden tan! Qatar has some amazing sandy beaches such as Fuwairit, Sealine, and Maroona beach. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen before going to the beach!

Eat healthy and refreshing snacks:

One of the perks of summer is the availability of fresh fruits. Snack on fruits, yogurt, and popsicles or ice-cream. These treats will keep your body cool! Avoid foods that are fried and have a high fat content.

Bonus Tip:

Try to stay in air conditioned places. If you’re having a lazy day, stay indoors and read a book! Need some suggestion? Check out ILQ’s summer reading list.

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What are some of your plans to keep cool this summer? Let us know in the comments section below! And don’t forget to give us a like and a share— it keeps us going!