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Posted On: 9 May 2016 01:49 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Top Fashion Bloggers to Follow on Instagram in Doha

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Title picture: Bonjourchiara IG, featuring Lulumohamadali

The fashion scene in Doha is not yet ready to match or rival the likes of New York or Paris, but it’s definitely getting there. With the help of fashion bloggers, Doha is becoming more fashion savvy, not to mention that it is also producing amazing new local designers both in terms of abayas and stylish runway collections. Doha’s fashion bloggers provide regular updates on events, makeup and fashion tips, and where to find their outfits and super cool accessories. Here are some of the noteworthy fashion blogger accounts you should check out on Instagram:


An all around awesome blogger. Very quirky and new-age. She also shares the latest trends and events happening in Doha! Not to mention great tips on makeup, as well as helpful reviews on certain products.


Local fashion icon in between Doha and London. Her style is super glamorous and classy, even in her casual streetwear outfits! Just one glance at her Instagram account and you’ll fall in love.


A Tunisian fashion blogger residing in Qatar. From viewing her posts you can see that she has a very bold chic style with a hint of retro. She also provides reviews of beauty products, the latest events around Doha, and promotes healthy living (she’s a dietician btdubs).


Chiara is an Italian blogger who has this cute obsession with shoes, nail-polish, and accessories. Really colorful Instagram page, which totally attracted me. Her style is feminine and casual chic. Love her use of pastel colors! (Again, the colors won me over). Chiara also shares her beauty routines and her latest makeup acquisitions.


Husnaa is a local blogger, who’s also between Doha and London. I’ve met her in person once, and she’s such a cutie. She shares top abaya fashion trends, styles, designs, and colors, and also has great taste in accessories. (Also her makeup always slays).


An Estonian fashionista currently living in Doha. She’s a hijabi fashion blogger, and incorporates elegance and sophistication into her style. Her outfits are very minimalistic, but she makes them look super glam. She also shares daily inspiration and religious quotes!


One of the few male fashion bloggers in Doha run by Drew. Check out his page for the latest styles, accessories, and products for men. He also promotes health and fitness, and shares the latest events around Doha.


Kellie is both a mom of three and a blogger in Doha, talk about Supermom! You can see how much she loves her kids on her Instagram! She even has cute mother-daughter outfit ensembles! Definitely a fashion inspo for moms and young women alike!


This IG account is run by Elisabete Reis, a Portuguese blogger living in Doha. Elisabete is also a mother of three (another Supermom?!). Her Instagram keeps up with latest trends and fashion events around Doha! Check out her account.

*Most of these bloggers also have other social media accounts on Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, as well as their own websites, all pictures take from their Instagram pages*

Who are you favorite fashion bloggers? Comment below!