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Posted On: 26 August 2014 12:27 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:14 pm

Top 10 Lucrative Jobs in Qatar

Devika Arora
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Qatar, one of the richest countries in terms of gross domestic product per capita, is home to several successful professionals. Over the years, Qatar has made good use of its financial power to make a transition from a negligible emirate to a global force, creating goodwill for itself and drawing several people in search for jobs. This year in 2014, Qatar has maintained its rank as the GCC region’s second highest paying country. The following article will discuss about the jobs in Qatar that offer the highest salary packages.

According to the 2014 Gulf Business salary survey, the salaries offered in Qatar are 11.68% higher than those in the United Arab Emirates. While the average monthly salary in the UAE stands at $10,206, the average salary in Qatar is about $11,473 a month. The State of Qatar is said to have the largest number of professionals receiving top-tier salaries. And it will continue to remain a top-paying country in the near future with more than $200 billion being invested for infrastructure. The salary needs of employees are higher in Qatar because of the high cost of living and perceived lifestyle. The Cost of Living GCC report states that Qatar is the costliest country to live in, making it imperative for employees to seek higher salaries to lead lives of quality. Let us take a look at the top 10 jobs that one can apply for in order to earn handsome pay packages.

1. CEO/MD in an MNC – The designations of Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director in a multinational company are usually the senior-most positions existent. CEOs and MDs report to the board of directors and are the top corporate officers or administrators responsible for managing the organization. These positions may be held by one person or two different people. If you are planning to make a move to Qatar for this special position, you can earn as much as $30,708 a month.

2. CEO/MD in a local company – No doubt that the multinationals are paying more at the moment but Qatar-based companies aren’t too far behind either. The same position of CEO or MD in a company of Qatar origin would fetch you a whopping $21,927 a month.

3. Treasury Manager, Banking – The job of a treasury manager in the banking industry is to manage the holdings with the aim of maximizing the firm's liquidity and mitigating risks (financial, operational and reputational). To manage your firm’s collections, concentration, disbursements, funds and investment, you will be paid almost $14,055 a month.

4. Project Manager, Construction – The position of a project manager in a construction company requires you to take charge of the construction of real estate or infrastructure projects. You are required to professionally engage with clients, consultants and design professionals, while successfully directing the superintendent and other workers on site. For this kind of work, Qatar can offer you a monthly salary of $12,871.

5. IT Manager – Information Technology is an upcoming field that is now booming in Qatar. Since several companies rely on technology these days, there are lots of opportunities available for an IT Manager. You can earn almost $12,179 to come up with information technology strategies and to research and implement technological strategic solutions.

6. Real Estate Manager – Property management requires you to operate, control and oversee property a real estate firm. This job will require you to take responsibility of the tools, equipment and the physical capital assets used for building, repairing and maintaining deliverables. You will also manage the processes and manpower to set up real estate. For this, you will be paid $11,623 a month.

7. Marketing Manager, Law – This position demands competitive intelligence along with market research and industry statistics to identify targets and develop strategies. As a Marketing Manager in the legal sphere, you would be concerned about your firm’s profitability through lawyers and practice areas for effective rates, billing, billable budgets, monthly reports and outstanding receivables. You can earn almost $10,686 on an average.

8. Human Resources Manager – HR Managers are responsible for guiding and managing the overall provision of Human Resources policies, services and programs for an organization or part of it. For all the departmental planning, compliance of regulations, employment etc. that you do, an HR Manager is paid nearly $10,536 on an average.

9. Branch Manager, Banking – A Bank Branch Manager is at a supervisory position where he or she is responsible for administrative activities and community relations. He is accountable for functions like hiring employees, approving lines of credit and loans, marketing the branch. If you are manage to land yourself a Branch Management job then you can earn $10,501 a month.

10. Finance and Accounting Manager – This job involves collection of data, preparation of financial reports, management of fiscal and accounting functions like payroll, accounts payable, auditing, treasury management, financial reporting and bond administration. If you wish to serve as a manager in the finance and accounts department, you will earn as much as $10,229.

Apart from the above positions, there are several other good work opportunities in Qatar that offer lucrative salary packages. Though Qatar is an attractive proposition for job seekers of all nationalities, it is particularly more attractive for Arab nationals. It is the only destination where Arab professionals can earn more than their Western counterparts. On an average, an Arab professional can earn about $12,518 a month in Qatar, in contrast to a $12,331 a month. The Western expatriates in Qatar have seen their salaries fall 5.9% from $13,117 last year, while the Arab wages have grown by nearly 7.9% from $11,594 in 2013. Similarly, Arab expats earn 23.5% more than the Asian expats, who recently saw a 3.1% year-on-year decline to a monthly average of $9570 in 2014.

Despite the expensive way of life in Qatar, expatriates continue to scour the region for work opportunities. While the supply of human resource is not a concern, the demand for talent too will remain strong over the coming period in the wake of the infrastructural activity and other proposed development, including that for the FIFA World Cup 2022.