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Posted On: 5 September 2016 12:30 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Today is the International Day of Charity! Support your local charities today

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Giving charity is something that should be practiced regularly, but it doesn’t hurt to have a special day dedicated to doing just that. Not only is it a wonderful reminder, but it encourages us to do something good for a change.

The idea for this day was initially conceived by the Hungarian Parliament “to increase solidarity, social responsibility and public support for charity.” The International Day of Charity (INC) was also chosen to be on September 5th to honor Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who passed away on this day. She was known for her humanity and generosity, and was also a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (source: It was later adopted by the UN as a resolution in 2012 and was officially commemorated.

There are many ways you can be charitable today too! Here’s a list of charities around Doha you can donate to, sign up with, or contribute your services to today:

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Of course many other things count as being charitable as well. There are many collection boxes all over Doha where you can donate clothes. As well as charity stands around malls and shopping complexes where you can donate money.

So whether you feed some stray animals food and water, offer some laborers who are working in the heat some cool beverages, or even smile at strangers, they all count! Good deeds go a long way, and spreads joy not only in yourself but among others too! Happiness is contagious so let’s spread the “happiness germs!”

How do you plan to spend your International Day of Charity? What charities do you know about that we’ve missed? Comment below!