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Posted On: 17 October 2015 06:54 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:15 pm

Thunderous rains likely today

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The weather bureau has forecast thunder and rain this afternoon.

A weather forecaster said there was the likelihood of rain lashing parts of the city this afternoon and it might be accompanied with thunder.

The weather was pleasant yesterday and is likely to be so today as well. It rained in some places in the country.

According to weather monitoring unit, Al Jumailiya recorded rainfall of 0.1mm. Al Shahaniya also witnessed light rains and recorded 0.3mm of rainfall.

A routine weather forecast released by the bureau for today said visibility will be poor this morning due to foggy weather.

The fog would clear as the day progresses and visibility would improve from two km to four to eight km. Offshore too, the weather would be cloudy with chances of scattered rain. It wouldn’t be a windy day initially but as the day progresses and it rains with thunder the wind may move at speed up to 46km an hour.

The wind direction will mainly be southeasterly. Offshore, the wind speed is likely to be between nine and 22km an hour.

Day and nightly temperatures are coming down with the onset of the month of October. The maximum temperature forecast for today is 36 degrees C (Abu Samra).

In Doha, day temperatures would peak at 35 degrees C and so will in places like Al Wakrah and Messaieed. The sea would be calm.