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Posted On: 16 June 2008 11:56 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:08 pm

Three Indians jailed for raping Nepali worker

Khalifa Al Haroon
Khalifa Al Haroon
Your friendly neighborhood Qatari
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Three Indians jailed for raping Nepali workerTHREE men have been jailed after a Nepali worker was plied with booze and then raped. The defendants, all Indians, were each sentenced to ten years in prison followed by deportation. The horrific crime took place last July at a labourers’ accommodation camp in Umm Salal. The court heard that the three Indians came to the Nepali’s quarters at around 9pm and invited him to their room. Accepting the invitation, the victim – in his 20s – went to the room but refused the soft drink given to him because it was mixed with alcohol. The men then jumped on the man and forced wine down his throat until he lost consciousness. Meanwhile, the victim’s brother-in-law had gone to search for his relative after finding him missing from their shared room. Another room mate went with him. Two hours later they found an Indian man raping the Nepali as another held his head and the third stood by watching. His brother-in-law said: “When I approached they fled the scene and I took the victim to his room. He was in an abnormal state; he smelled of wine and could not utter a word.” According to both witnesses, the rapist offered to pay QR4,000 if the police were not told of the crime. When they refused to take the money, he later told the public prosecution that the victim had come to the Indians’ room and asked to join in their drinking. All three defendants claimed the rape accusation had been borne of an old grudge. However, Presiding Judge Mamon Hamour found all three guilty of the heinous crime adding that although they played different roles in the attack, they all had the same criminal intent and therefore deserved the same penalty. Furthermore, he said the evidence of the victim’s brother-in-law did not hurt the credibility of the testimony despite the fact that they are relatives. Forensic evidence further supported the claim of rape. Article 283 of the Qatar Criminal Code 11/2004 imposes a maximum penalty of 15 years for the sexual abuse of a male using fraudulent means or threats. The verdict is currently open for an appeal.