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Posted On: 20 July 2016 12:16 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Things you miss when you leave Qatar

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By Amerah

Leaving Qatar may be easy, one is always eager to return home to their family and friends; yet, we quickly realize there are so many things we miss. Here is our list and please add what you would miss if you left.

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1. The Weather! - The intense heat in Qatar may not be something to celebrate, but we never have to shovel heaps of snow in the mornings, nor chisel off ice from our cars.

2. The luxurious atmosphere in some of the cafes, restaurants, and malls - Establishments in Qatar have expended a tremendous amount of time and effort perfecting the tiniest details, you’ll miss these when you’re gone

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3. The sea/corniche – if you live in an area that is land locked, you may have to travel by plane to get to the nearest ocean or sea. We often take for granted that we are so close to the turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea.

4. The Qataris – The special treatment awarded to women and kindness they always grant to children.

5. No Taxes – The reasons for this are obvious.

6. Friends – all the lovely people you leave behind


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7. The Food – Come on, who doesn’t miss Shater Abbas while they’re away?

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8. Perfect base for travel – easy access to travel to different countries.

What about you? what will you miss when you live Qatar ?

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