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Posted On: 21 April 2011 12:25 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

The Pearl-Qatar rewards students from Al Bayan Girls School

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April 20th, 2011: United Development Company (UDC) and its flagship project, The Pearl-Qatar recently organized a special tour for a group of outstanding Qatari students from Al Bayan Girls School. The tour came as part of UDC’s strong sense of social responsibility, to not only support local students who excel and display outstanding academic results but to also link Qatari nationals with a historical location, once famous for pearl diving The group of 39 students, selected from a total of 1200 students from Al Bayan Girls School, toured the Pearl-Qatar Island. The initiative was designed to both reward the students’ achievements and increase their awareness of The Pearl-Qatar by giving students a holistic view of the company’s operations in various sectors, including fashion, hospitality, real-estate and other fields. A spokesperson from UDC commented; “The tour is one of the ways we support the future generation of decision makers and thought leaders in Qatar, by both acknowledging and rewarding their exceptional academic standing. These initiatives are part of The Pearl-Qatar’s ongoing programme to encourage and support Qatari students by not only introducing them to one of the largest urban developments in Qatar but also offering them the opportunity to experience it magnitude.UDC is actively fulfilling its social responsibilities and playing its role as a good corporate citizen”. The students were welcomed at the Oyster Marketing Centre on The Pearl-Qatar where they were given a model presentation of this unique development. Students were also involved in a highly interactive session with representatives of the various business units within UDC, where they had the opportunity to learn how the company was leading the way in fulfilling Qatar’s National Vision 2030. Noura Al Ansari, Social Specialist at Al Bayan School commented, “This visit to The Pearl-Qatar was a tremendous opportunity to learn about all aspects of the project; those implemented and those still under development. We greatly appreciate the enthusiasm shown by The Pearl-Qatar team, who provided an amazing sense of hospitality since the start of the excursion until its very end; this gave our students a sense of value and honor. The Pearl-Qatar is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating examples of community partnership for the children of this nation.” Students from Al Bayan Girls School were also treated to a delicious meal at The Pearl-Qatar’s trendy Chocolate Bar, while Ronautica ME’s stellar yachts provided a luxurious setting for the group whereby they received a presentation of Ronautica’s services. -Ends- About The Pearl-Qatar The Pearl-Qatar is a unique and innovative urban development in Doha, Qatar. A masterpiece of private and modern living on an island spanning over 4 million square-meters of land, The Pearl-Qatar offers a tailored range of residential solutions to meet the highest of standards available in the Gulf. Furthermore The Pearl-Qatar plays host to the latest retail and hospitality offerings from the world’s leading brands and restaurants. Developed by United Development Company (UDC), the Island is located 350 meters offshore of Doha’s prestigious West Bay District and is one of the largest real-estate developments in the Gulf. About United Development Company (UDC) Founded in 1999, United Development Company (UDC) has been listed on the Qatar Exchange since June 2003 and is one of Qatar’s leading private sector shareholding companies. The United Development Company was established with the vision to identify and invest in long-term projects contributing to Qatar’s growth and providing lasting shareholder value. UDC’s target areas of interest include: infrastructure and utilities, energy-intensive industries, hydrocarbon downstream manufacturing, real estate, urban development, maritime and environment-related businesses, hospitality, retail and fashion, information technology, media and communications, insurance and other services. UDC has shown an ability to attract and partner with the highest quality of international talent, bringing outside expertise to bear on significant developments in Qatar and beyond. It has also demonstrated a successful model for synergistic growth, creating and operating a diverse portfolio of substantial businesses that leverage off one another and generate additional revenue streams in new markets. UDC’s founders and current Board Members are among Qatar’s most successful investors and developers. Thousands of Qatari shareholders hold 75 percent of the total shares and the remaining 25 percent are held by other GCC and international investors. Screen shot 2011-04-21 at 0.22.33.pngScreen shot 2011-04-21 at 0.23.29.png