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Posted On: 18 December 2013 02:08 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:13 pm

The Past to Present: Art Conservation Conference

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The Orientalist Museum is bringing together Fine Art Conservators from some of the world’s leading museums for the Past to Present: Art Conservation Conference. Taking place at the Museum of Islamic Art auditorium on Thursday November 28, the event will see conservation experts showcasing their work across a range of art disciplines. From sculpture and paintings to textiles and historical architecture, the discussions will provide a fascinating insight into the history of these objects, and the techniques used to restore them to their former glory. Visiting speakers include Frances Hartog (V&A Museum) discussing a vintage Dior dress discovered and restored by the museum, Michel van de Laar (Rijksmuseum) highlighting restoration work on three Rembrandt paintings, Sonia Tortajada (Museo Del Prado) examining the conservation of plaster sculptures, and Béatrice Sarrazin (Château de Versailles) showcasing the ceiling compositions at the Palace of Versailles and the ongoing work to preserve them. Aimed at both the general public and art professionals, the conference highlights the often unseen work that goes into preparing an exhibit. As Hyejung Yum, the conference organizer notes, “Art Conservation is largely hidden from view. The conference aims to provide the audience with an insight into conservators’ work and how it is planned and carried out. The focus will be on the interventive conservation of a range of specific objects including paintings, frames, sculpture, costumes, books and the ceiling of a historical building. These objects have wonderful stories, which we can share via the conservation process. ” Dr Olga Nefedova, director at the Orientalist Museum, said the conference was part of the museum’s ongoing work in “supporting conservation measures that prolong the life of collections for the benefit of future generations”. The full list of speakers Frances Hartog (V&A Museum) will showcase a vintage Dior dress discovered and restored by the museum, Michel van de Laar (Rijksmuseum) will discuss the restoration work undertaken on three Rembrandt paintings, Flavio Marzo (British Library) will present case studies in book restoration, Sonia Tortajada (Museo Del Prado) will examine the conservation of plaster sculptures, Jutta Hoeflinger (Kunsthistorisches Museum) will be discussing her work restoring Portrait of a Young Lady (1514), Stuart Ager (National Portrait Gallery) will look at antique picture frames, Béatrice Sarrazin (Château de Versailles) will showcase the palace’s ceiling compositions and the ongoing efforts to preserve them, and the Orientalist Museum’s Kristin Gisladottir will showcase her conservation treatment on a Jean-Baptiste Vanmour painting from the permanent collection. Full List of speakers and Topics Michel van de Laar – Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam - Rijksmuseum Rembrandt Restoration Sonia Tortajada – Museo Del Prado, Madrid - Conservation of a Plaster Sculpture: Nero & Seneca by Eduardo Barrón Stuart Ager - National Portrait Gallery, London - Caring for the Frame: The National Portrait Gallery’s approach in the 21st Century Jutta Hoeflinger – Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna - Restoring the Portrait of a Young Lady from the 16th Century (Anonymous Painter) Frances Hartog – Victoria and Albert Museum, London - Reviving Dior Béatrice Sarrazin – Château de Versailles, Versailles - The Restoration of the Ceiling of ‘Drawing Room of Plenty’ in the Palace of Versailles Kristín Gísladóttir - Orientalist Museum, Doha – Conservation Treatment at the Orientalist Museum: Sultan Ahmed Mosque by Vanmour Flavio Marzo - British Library, London - The Fine Skill of Preserving Historical Features: Three Case Studies from the British Library Centre for Conservatio - ILQ News -