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Posted On: 16 May 2016 05:31 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

The Ministry of municipality and environment organized training course on contributing and technical support to the agricultural census

Mega Cervantes
Mega Cervantes
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The Ministry of municipality and environment organized training course on contributing and technical support to the agricultural census
Started this morning is in the agricultural sector in the al-Mansour, events country training course on the contribution and technical support to the agricultural census, organized by the ministry of municipality and environment, in cooperation with the Arab organization for agricultural development.
The session during the period from 15-19/5/2016, with the participation of a number of professionals in the agricultural sector, and to inform participants of the agricultural census and the guiding principles of the agricultural census of 2020, which put the food and Global Agriculture (FAO), And The definition of concepts and terminology used in the census, stages, and the methods of data collection, and the structure of the census of agriculture.

Programme includes specialized lecture session on these issues, in addition to a field visit to farm and practical training on how to collect the agricultural census data. It also includes a case study on Egyptian Census assessment tests for its participants at the close of the session.
And welcome mr / Khalifa Al Ansari President farm section of the ministry in his opening address to the participants in the session and Dr. Muhammad Rashad Waziri expert in Arab organization for agricultural development, praising the cooperation of the organization with the state of Qatar in organizing such events, specialized And expressed the hope that the participants benefit from scientific article, which will provide.
And he said d / Mohamed the expert guidance of the ministers of the Arab organization for agricultural development programme of the global agricultural census is very important for all countries and helping them to conduct their national census since 1930, referring to the food and agriculture (FAO) prepared the latest census of Agriculture Programme 2020 world with a view to helping countries that intends to conduct a national agricultural census during the period between 2016-2025, which states that the programme provides a flexible approach to collect data Special Agricultural a range of topics.
And he said that the agricultural census process based on statistical data collection and processing and dissemination and covers the whole country or a large part of which is usually collected data, the size of agricultural holdings and land ownership and use. And area crop and irrigation and livestock and assets and the number of manpower and other agricultural inputs from the other, as the census during detailed data collection using sampling methods.

Added D / guide to global agricultural census of 2020 contains guidelines on the standard international concepts and definitions and tab and approaches that can be followed, as well as the approach the statistical system integrated, stating that the global agricultural census for 2010 Participated in 115 States, representing 48 % of the world, and is expected to increase in 2020.
He added that the objectives of the census is to provide data on the structure of agriculture especially administrative units and enable small preparation of tabulators detailed double and provide data for use as the statistics for the current agricultural and providing risk survey samples. Agricultural and other, stating that the important agricultural census lies in assisting the government in the diagnosis of women with disabilities in the agricultural sector and in determining the priorities agriculture more realism in addition to providing the basis for policy makers can analyse issues related to Poverty and food insecurity and issues of gender equality and the development of a system to monitor progress in achieving the goals of the millennium development goals and assisting the private sector in appropriate commercial decision-making and others.