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Posted On: 9 June 2016 03:51 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

The Khaleeji Blogger Movement

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Talk about female empowerment! Khaleeji women (GCC natives) are totally changing the blogging game, regardless of criticisms and negativity over cultural and religious norms. These bloggers are all Doha-based. They are truly an inspiration for all women and actually embrace their culture and religion. If there ever was a glass ceiling in the realm of being social media influencers, these women have shattered it. To face the public and deliver honest reviews about services and products takes courage, particularly if there is a definite possibility of facing a negative backlash for doing so. Apart from fashion blogging, some of these women also blog about culture and lifestyle, showing the type of people they meet when they travel and giving back when necessary. I’m glad to have met some of these remarkable women in person. With Ramadan well underway, I'm sure these women will have awesome content up on their blogs. Check them out on Instagram!

Title Image: fc_qtr (IG)

Ftmalthani - Fatma Hamad Sultan Al Thani

Photo from: ftmalthani (IG)

Fatma is based in Doha and blogs about lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. Not only is she fashionable and trendy, she also shares her outfit details, product reviews, and has a large number of followers. Check her out!
Snapchat: ftmalthani

Fc_qtr - Fashionably Constructed
Photo from: fc_qtr (IG)

What’s unique about this account is that it’s run by sisters. Their account is very creative and adventurous. They mostly share their day-to-day lives, which involves reviews on restaurants; shedding light on places people may not have heard about before, as well as fashion, travel, and makeup. Super awesome account, check them out!
Snapchat: fc_qtr

Ohoud.choco - Ohoud
Photo from: ohoud.choco (IG)

Ohoud is a lovely person (met her in person)! She’s a motivational blogger and influencer. She shares reviews on events, fashion, and food! As a motivational blogger, Ohoud uses her Instagram to share motivation with her followers through positive quotes and captions.

Beinglayla_a - Layla Al-Siyabi
Photo from: beinglayla_a (IG)

Layla is a very down-to-earth and outspoken blogger. She uses her social media platforms to provide honest reviews and feedback on events, restaurants, products, and services. She's also a full-time mom and wife! Layla also addresses cultural and societal issues on her social media as well. She’s very fashion savvy and has a new web series on Youtube!
Snapchat: Beinglayla_a

Shaayks_ - Shaikha Fakhroo
Photo from: shaayks_ (IG)

Based in Qatar, Shaikha blogs about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She reposts and highlights trendy designs and fashion, as well as spotlights upcoming entrepreneurs and designers. Shaikha also provides reviews on beauty, makeup, and accessories. - Shaima Al-Tamimi
Photo from: (IG)

Shaima is a food, culture, and travel blogger. Her Instagram captures her amazing experiences and also shows the beauty of culture and people. She even helps with volunteer work and is an inspiration to us all.
Snapchat: anashaima

Who are your favorite local/regional bloggers? Comment below!

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