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Posted On: 24 September 2019 04:00 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:20 pm

Handbag Clinic: Restoring precious bags; bringing them back to life!

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If you own a luxury handbag, then you'll understand the importance of keeping it intact. You'll also understand how precious it is and how it complements the thoughtfully picked out outfit for the day. You'll also know what it feels like if your handbag gets damaged and you don't know what to do with it.

Don't worry. Qatar has a handbag clinic now where you can get your handbag healed and cured of whatever predicament it's in. Perhaps it just needs a good clean or some of the stitching has come undone. Perhaps, the zip has broken or it's stained. Perhaps, it jst need's some extra loving care and protection.

Whatever the problem may be, Handbag Clinic in Qatar has the perfect solution for you.

Handbag Clinic located in Haloul street in Al Maamoura, offers multiple services to keep luxury goods in great shape and protected from any harm. Behind the craft are a team of expert technicians who have experience in handling bags from a large variety of brands. Their expertise can truly transform any bag and make it look nice and new again.

Here are six ways that they can help to protect and maintain your precious bags.

1. Cleaning Services

Cleaning service handbag clinic Qatar
Photo Credit: Handbag Clinic Qatar

The bag might not necessarily need to be repaired, it might just need to be cleaned. Through using specialist’s products that are specific to the exterior of the bag, experts at the Hangbag Clinic will make it look brand new. They will also clean the interior of the bag and get rid of any stains.

2. Repair and Restoration

Repair and restore Qatar handbag clinic
Photo Credit: Handbag Clinic Qatar

Do you have an old bag or a severally damaged luxury bag? The clinic offers free consultation before they begin their repair service that can transform the condition of your old or damaged bag into a useable and presentable bag. The experts use specialised equipment to ensure that any tears, stains or dirty handles are gone and fixed.

3. Colour Change

After all the damage is fixed they can customise the colour of the bag into anything you desire before it gets sealed and protected. The experts working on this will also ensure that all the logo’s or stitches don’t get impacted by the new coat of colour.

4. Hardware and Stitching

The Handbag Clinic
Image credit: Handbag Clinic

If your bag has any hardware issues like missing stitches, missing handles or broken zips, the experts at the Handbag Clinic are prepared. They have the equipment to replace what is necessary and also delicately stitch the bag to make it look brand new.

5. Protection

Protection of the bag has been mentioned a few times here and here is what it means: There are specialized treatments that can be placed on the bag to prevent it from dirt or everyday spills. It also withstands oil and stains which makes it a lot easier to clean if any of the above happened. If you wish to be able to protect the bag yourself later, the clinic has a Care Kit that will help to regularly keep your bag safe.

6. Red Sole Repair

red sole handbag clinic qatar
Photo Credit: Handbag Clinic Qatar

Not only do they repair handbags but they also repair luxury shoe soles. Your expensive shoes will be good as new when the experts remove any scars or dirt stuck on them. The colour of the shoes will also be renewed to look like a fresh pair out of the box. If you want to know more about the clinic and how to contact them, check out their website.


Location: Villa 31, Haloul Street, Al Maamoura, Doha - Qatar
Timings: Saturday to Thursday: 11 am - 9 pm; Friday: closed
Tel: +974 4472 0138 / 3334468
E-mail: [email protected]

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Cover image credit: Handbag Clinic Qatar