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Posted On: 22 June 2016 12:27 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

The Evolution of the Abaya: Doha's Very Own Designers

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In Doha and most parts of the world, most startup businesses flourish with the help of social media. For fashion and beauty, Instagram is the go-to platform to showcase different fashion designers as well as makeup artists. It’s no wonder that there are so many accounts dedicated to all kinds of fashion and beauty in Doha alone. Abaya fashion is huge in the GCC, not to mention it has evolved significantly with the introduction of colored abayas and various patterns and designs. Colored abayas are usually worn during travel, but they are becoming a lot more common to wear for regular use as well. During Ramadan, the abaya game tends to step up since there are a lot more gatherings and events to attend. We’ve compiled a list of designers that have a unique sense of abaya style. There are a bunch out there, so we’ve only listed a few. For those who missed the Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition 2016, you can find some of the boutiques and designers listed below.

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Their abayas are mostly traditional (black) with little twists of color and intriguing patterns and designs. The particular one pictured above is very unique and elegant, particularly for its bold splashes of color, the flower embroidery, and use of different materials.

Regina Collection

The abaya collection here is also mostly traditional and uses very minimal and neutral colors for some of its designs. Mostly whites, grays, dark blues, and light shades. Again, very elegant and classy.

La Femme

She’s a Qatari creator and has fabulous abaya design concepts. You can find different colored abayas here, like the one shown above, as well as different abayas in the sense that they have layers and very interesting stitching. Definitely a unique designer.

Deoro Abayas

This designer was one of the ones present at the Heya Exhibition this year. I had passed by their boutique and fell in love with this one particular abaya (shown above). I loved the use of bold blue colors and the flowers, they really make the abaya pop. You can find similar designs and more on their page.


Very classy and traditional abayas. Mostly black with ornate designs, embellishments, and an innovative use of layers. Their white abaya is one of their most popular (pictured above).

Eternity Abayas

Founded by a Qatari designer, Khuloud Al-Sahlawi, Eternity Abayas symbolizes glamor. This company also mostly sticks to the traditional black abaya but adds hints of color and design to make them look more unique.

CUT Collection

Their abayas are super comfortable and very elegant. I love their use of patterns and colors, they’re not extremely obvious and don’t make the abaya look too flashy, which I think is the point, yet they maintain an air of classiness at the same time. They don’t have many differently colored abayas, they mostly stick to the traditional black, or dark shades like blue.

Rumman Abayas

The word “Rumman” means pomegranate in Arabic, and as sweet as pomegranates are is how sweet their collection of abayas is. They use quite a bit of color in their designs, mostly pinks and purples, I think they’re maybe symbolic of the design’s name. It’s a very interesting collection, definitely worth checking out! They were also at the Heya Exhibition this year!


This company’s abayas are very traditional and minimalistic. If you’re interested in more subtle but at the same time graceful abayas, you should check them out. Almotahajiba was also at the Heya Exhibition this year. They showcased their collection and designs. They also sell hijabs, scarves, and much more! They’re not just on Instagram, they also have stores located in City Center, Lagoona, Landmark, Markhiya, and at the Mall.

Sadiem Abayas

This Qatari designer has gorgeous abayas that have elaborate designs with the use of bright colors and floral patterns. Again, the base color is mostly the traditional black, however they do have some styles with different colored abayas. Sadiem was also at the Heya Exhibition this year, showcasing its splendid collection.


The abayas from this brand are very bold and vibrant. This designer uses a lot of colors in her abayas, but they’re so beautiful. I love the blue one picture above. Most of the abayas in this collection have similar bright colors but that’s what makes them unique. Apart from abayas, you can also find kaftans on their IG page, which are always handy for Ramadan.

Who are your favorite abaya designers in Qatar? Have you tried any of the ones mentioned above? Comment below!

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