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Posted On: 30 July 2018 11:37 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:19 pm

Ten facts you might not know yet about Qatar!

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Feeling a little down coz it's Monday again? Well with this article, there's a reason for your face and mood to brighten up again as we've listed 10 of the most interesting tidbits of facts about Qatar!

Please do take note though that each item is accompanied by an interrobang (?!) just to give you the ultimate 'astounded' feeling! Ready?

Did you know that...


...Qataris are a minority in their own country?! The country's expatriate workforce community continues to catalyze the progress that Qatar has been witnessing in various fields with Indians, Nepalis, and Bangladeshis making up the Top 3 expat communities calling Qatar 'home.'

Top 5 Nationalities in Qatar

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...camels were the only mode of transportation in Qatar before cars and other modes of getting around took over?!

Camels in Qatar

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...there are approximately 3 to 5 hang-out spots in Qatar that look exactly like Italy?! After Villagio opened in 2006 and expanded ever since, we now have The Pearl's Qanat Quartier, and yes—the newly-opened and awe-inspiring Al Hazm Mall joining the line-up!

Qanat Quartier at The Pearl Qatar

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...Thursdays and Fridays were the weekends till 2003?! Believe it or not, we were shocked by this fact too! Who would've thought that we'll be snuggling on a Saturday instead of Thursday???

Weekends in Qatar

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...Qatar was recently named the 32nd happiest country in the world and 2nd in the MENA region by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for 2018?! Apart from that, Doha is also known globally as one of the safest cities in the world!

Qatar named the 32nd happiest country in the world!

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...when Qatar won the honor to host the 2022 World Cup, it bested four giant hopefuls namely Japan, Australia, South Korea, and the United States?!

FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar

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...Qatar is set to become the the MENA region's theme park-central by 2020?! With Virtuocity, KidZania, Bounce Facility, and the newly-opened Angry Birds World currently in full-swing, there's absolutely so much to look forward to a few years from now!

Angry Birds World Qatar

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...there are five different colors of Mowasalat's Karwa taxis?! A typical pedestrian might see that they're all naturally turquoise green in color but if you take a closer look on their roofs, you'll realize that there's actually a maroon, blue, yellow, charcoal, and silver versions of the Karwas!

Karwa taxis by Mowasalat Qatar

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...right after the blockade, Qatar Airways added more destinations instead of doing otherwise?! They recently added 16 new destinations and we can't be more excited!

New Qatar Airways destinations for 2018!

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...from Emir, Qatar's beloved Sheikh Tamim is now more commonly-referred to as the Amir?! How interesting is that?

Qatar's Sheikh Tamim

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Were you surprised as well with the fun facts that you just read? If yes, share this article with your friends for a possible second part! We promise to deliver more cool and awesome Qatar trivias!