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Posted On: 29 August 2010 06:03 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

Talent contest for mobile application development planned

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There is a lack of rich and useful mobile applications in the Arab world that really touches lives to a substantial extent, QU Wireless Innovations Center (QUWIC) executive director Dr Adnan Abu-Dayya has said. “If you look at mobile applications available globally and the number of people engaged in their development, I guess the share of the Arab world in both the areas would be less than 1%,” he explained. Though the number of applications focusing on delivering locally or regionally relevant content is not large, they are increasing gradually and there are more people getting into it. “That is good because we would like to create that market. It is not really only about us making an application. This is like a big space and the more we have the better for everyone,” he remarked. QUWIC has ambitious plans to create a significant mobile application group in the region and this is where the first ever annual mobile application development contest comes in. “To be launched officially towards the end of September, in association with Qtel Group and Al Jazeera Network, it will cover multiple phone platforms, aims to encourage greater regional involvement in application development and to identify talent across the MENA region,” Dr Abu-Dayya said. The contest also supports the wider objective of QUWIC to position Qatar as a regional hub for research and development in telecom and wireless applications and services.