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Posted On: 14 October 2019 03:45 pm
Updated On: 30 August 2021 05:04 pm

Sustainable Art Exhibition to launch as part of Qatar Sustainability Week 2019

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Future Vision 2019 Art Exhibition, a collaboration between Qatar Green Building Council, Tawar Mall, Elle Architecture, Chernovil Art Gallery and Kim Wyatt will launch as part of the 4th annual Qatar Sustainability Week 2019 - a yearly event which hosts numerous sustainability activities, events and campaigns across the country.

Featuring local and international artists, the Future Vision 2019 Art Exhibition aims to stimulate public discussion regarding the vital role and importance of sustainability. The organisers of the project believe that, ‘A human is part of the universal ecosystem and his/her daily actions predispose the future of the generations to come’.

Dr Alex Amato, Head of Research at Qatar Green Building Council said:

“We greatly value the support and commitment from the partners for Qatar Sustainability Week and their vital role in the continued success of the initiative. We are proud to work and draw together so many diverse organizations and join our collective efforts towards achieving the nation’s sustainable development goals.”

This year, climate change has taken a central role on the world stage with sustainable development and environmental conservation as key issues for policy makers. The exhibition aims to form new concepts of social, ecological and economic sustainability through the dissemination of botanical art and emphasis has been placed on the key principles of climate change including energy, water and waste.

The group of participating artists hope to expand environmental awareness by using their art as a medium for education and critical thinking. Each artist brings an inimitable style with a unique set of experiences, knowledge and values. Using a range of imagery, artistic techniques and creative mediums, each artist aims to shift perspectives and create an alternative future for the planet.

Soumia Masmoudi, artist, architect, Director of Elle Architecture and co-organiser of the exhibition says:

“Art is a universal language that can affect a larger audience. The artists in this exhibition hope to share their passion with the public. We are very happy to receive support from all of our partners in this project”.

Nadiia Chernovil, Curator Gallerist at Chernovil Art Gallery and co-organiser of the exhibition adds:

"A human is part of the universal ecosystem and his/her daily actions predispose the future of the generations to come. Today, creativity is a vital skill that supports leaders to generate ideas and initiatives in the development of culture, art, and education. This is the quintessence of my civil and professional career.”

The official opening is set to take place on the evening of 21 October 2019 at the exhibition location of Tawar Mall. Mr. Raafat A. Tawab, Director of Operations and Administration adds:

“Tawar Mall has always been an open platform for initiatives that bring awareness to the mass audience and educates the youth about the importance of sustainability. It was very natural for Tawar mall to be part of this auspicious cause and collaboration with Qatar Green Building Council. In this era of digitalisation and global warming, it’s important that we promote sustainability and give back to nature what it deserves.”

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