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Posted On: 7 October 2015 06:24 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:15 pm

Survey: Two out of three people are ‘happy’ living in Doha

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Almost two out of three people in Doha are “very happy” or “somewhat happy” living here, shows a new survey by, a leading job site in the region.

The ‘Top Cities in the Middle East and North Africa Survey 2015’ in collaboration with YouGov, specialising in online market research, has revealed that Doha consistently scored in the top 10 cities in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) across all considerations and is the sixth top city in the region.

Qatar emerges as one of the top destinations for a high standard of living with its capital Doha recording high scores among the top 10 cities in Mena.

According to the majority of respondents, Doha rates as good-to-excellent on most key factors affecting the standard of living, including the feeling of stability and security (70 percent), availability of healthcare facilities (65 percent), water/electricity/sewage systems (72 percent) and the quality of education (54 percent).

Availability of jobs in Doha is good or excellent according to four in 10 respondents; only 8 percent believe it is bad and 40 percent of respondents in Doha believe competitive salaries are good or excellent.

Doha was the eighth top-scoring city in Mena in terms of labour rights. Respondents from Qatar believe they have good-to-excellent end of service benefits (36 percent), termination rights (25 percent), vacation allowances (45 percent), parenthood allowances (21 percent), wage protection system (36 percent), health insurance and social security systems (48 percent), and pro-active policy making (28 percent).

Doha came in seventh place region-wide in terms of environmental factors. The vast majority of respondents in Doha (77 percent) say cleanliness of their city streets is good or excellent.

Other environmental factors in Doha include clean air (good-to-excellent: 42 percent), clean water (good-to-excellent: 59 percent), beauty of architecture and buildings (good-to-excellent: 67 percent), and manageable traffic (good-to-excellent: 48 percent).

Important socio-cultural factors include low crime rates, rated as good-to-excellent by 83 percent of Doha respondents; a stable political environment rated as good-to-excellent by 71 percent; and effective law enforcement rated as good-to-excellent by 68 percent of respondents.

Doha ranked eighth across Mena for sports, arts, culture and recreation factors which play an important role in the overall quality of life in a city.

Respondents in Doha ranked culture and arts offerings (42 percent), availability of family-friendly activities (48 percent), and availability of world heritage sites/preserved old towns (43 percent) as good-to-excellent.

Doha ranked good or excellent among respondents on: Ease of starting a new business (29 percent), lack of bureaucracy in procedures and paperwork (31 percent), ease of finding finances to start a business (28 percent), market willingness to accept new ideas and innovations (39 percent), market saturation (31 percent), ability to find local talent to employ (36 percent), and affordability of taxes and fees (53 percent).