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Posted On: 27 May 2013 11:14 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm

Summer expo marks Anima Gallery first year anniversary

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Featuring a diverse collection of works by renowned artists from Qatar and around the world Anima Gallery will celebrate its first anniversary with another world-class exhibition. “Anima Summer Exhibition”, which opened yesterday, provides a glimpse of the various expos organised at the Anima Gallery, the hub for contemporary art at The Pearl Qatar. “When we opened last year, we started with a group exhibition called “Together We Connect”, in which we provided a preview of what the art community could expect within the year as we showcased works by artists from around the world that we represent,” gallery owner Ghada Sholy said .“Now, for our summer exhibition, we are showing what happened in the past year so we have a bit from each of our exhibitions,” she added. The expo features artists like Paul Guiragossian, Yousef Ahmad, Ali Hassan, Maher Attar, Jason Martin and Abdulrahman Katanani. “This exhibition is special because it is the culmination of all our efforts since we started last year, reminding people of the artists we represent, plus we have newly acquired pieces by artists we don’t represent as we always like to bring new pieces to the art community here.” Thaier Hilal’s “The White Omen” comprising hundreds of spoons set on a wooden panel is one of the unique works on display, in addition to a number of paintings by Paul Guiragossian and mixed media works by Jason Martin. Anima also represents four of the most prominent Qatari artists including Ali Hassan, Yousef Ahmed, Amal Al Aathem and Salman Al Malik, whose works are part of the expo. Yousef Ahmed’s monumental work titled “This is by the Grace of God” created out of handmade palm paper is eye catching, along with Ali Hassan’s “The Desert Horse” — his first foray into sculpture a fact having been known in the world of calligraphy for many years. Looking back to Anima’s beginnings, Sholy said there had been a big leap in the number of visitors to the gallery and the lounge, including those who avail of the workshops the gallery offers. “We have noticed a big difference since we started. People now are very interested; they come many times to look at the paintings. We are also an art education centre offering oil painting and photography lessons, which makes it all the more exciting,” she said. Many of the students, she said, ultimately become art collectors because they appreciate art more. “We also bring people to talk about art and art investment. An expert from New York is coming next week to deliver a presentation on investment in art, we are hosting in conjunction with Citibank.” Source : Qatar Chronicle