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Posted On: 14 August 2018 07:49 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:19 pm

Subsidised sacrificial sheep to be available for Qataris from today

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Sacrificial Animals For Eid Al Adha

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) has announced that the subsidized sheep for sacrifice will be sold to Qataris starting from today (Tuesday) until the third day of Eid Al Adha.

The initiative aims at providing Qataris with sheep at a reasonable price for the upcoming Eid Al Adha, said a release.

The subsidised price of local sheep is QR1,200 and QR1,100 for the sheep of Arab breed. The sheep will be sold through the outlets of Widam Food Company at slaughterhouses operating at Central Market and the abattoirs run by the Company in Al Shamal, Al Khor and Umm Salal central markets.

Each Qatari of 20 years or above is entitled to buy one sheep, the MEC added. The Ministry of Economy and Commerce has warned of fraudulent sales of sacrificial animals as the Ministry will intensify inspection campaigns from the first date of sale until the third day of Eid Al Adha to ensure that the outlets are complying with the prices and the safety rules.

The initiative came for the sixth year in a row to create a balance in prices of sheep in local market. The Ministry of Economy and Commerce fixed the price of sacrificial animals at QR1,200 for local sheep weighing 40kg and above and QR1,100 for Arab sheep of 45kg and above.

The subsidised sheep will be sold to citizens on their ID cards. The MEC in coordination with Widam Food Company launched the initiative to provide appropriate animals fit for scarifying during Eid Al Adha.

The MEC provided a set of advice and information on awareness and guidance when buying the sacrifice, such as the animals should be fit for sacrifice according to Islamic jurisprudence. The animals should look healthy, such as the head is raised to the top and not down, and the eyes are bright not yellow or red.

Source: The Peninsula