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Posted On: 22 May 2011 09:39 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

Students raise funds for cancer patients

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The students of MES Indian School have helped raise over QR52,000 for the Qatar National Cancer Society (QNCS) to help its cause in the care of people suffering from cancer. The donation ceremony was attended by representatives of the students, principal Sasidharan A P, school’s administration and human resources manager M I Mathew, QNCS chief educator Dr Mahassen Okasha and Dr Farija Hussain. Okasha thanked the students for their generous support to the society and encouraged them to learn more about cancer. “You need to read about cancer and know it as much as you know your enemy in order to fight it. If we know more about cancer we can fight and prevent it. You are the future generation and hopefully when some of you become doctors in the future you could invent strong medicines to prevent cancer,” she said. According to Sasidharan, the school has also carried out a cancer awareness campaign where educational leaflets published by the QNCS have been distributed to about 10,000 students. “We received maximum response from the students and their parents. The parents contributed the money according to their ability. Aside from the donations, we also made the students understand the problems that cancer patients are suffering. We are proud to be part of the QNCS programme and we will continue to co-operate and spread cancer awareness among our students,” he said. Speaking about the students’ experience in partnering with the QNCS, 12th grade student Soheb Salim said: “We learned about cancer. They educated us and gave us booklets about the disease making us aware about the dangers and how to prevent it. They made us better prepared to face our enemy before the enemy came to us.” Another 12th grade student Aishwarya Shetty added: “It’s been a good experience even for the girls because the campaign was throughout the school. There were seminars about different diseases, not just cancer. The MES is supporting all sorts of patients. We are ever ready to help and that is our main motive. We’ve all come here today just for one cause and that is to help all the cancer patients. And we’ll provide our maximum support.”