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Posted On: 25 September 2011 10:53 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

Students, faculty attend ABP assembly

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More than 200 students and faculty of the Qatar Foundation’s Academic Bridge Programme (ABP) have attended a special day assembly. The event was meant to acquaint students with extracurricular opportunities under the programme. While explaining the Student Association policies and guidelines, ABP director Dr Miles Lovelace said that the students who wish to run for any of the association’s five positions need to be on good academic standing. ABP assistant director for student services Moza al-Boainain introduced the ABP Student Association positions to be contested including president; vice-presidents (male, female); secretary; and treasurer. She also explained the guidelines and policies of each club as well as their activities. ABP counsellor Ellenore Hibon reminded students of the upcoming October college application events such as the students’ visit to the six Education City universities where they are expected to meet one-on-one with faculty members, students and admissions staff and also tour the campuses obtaining answers to questions about admission, student life and programmes on offer. She mentioned the Canadian Universities Fair, where students will have the opportunity to meet representatives from some 19 Canadian universities and the US universities information session, where topics such as university selection, the US application process, financial aid opportunities and admission requirements will be discussed. Hibon added that the UK universities information session will offer the ABP students tips on choosing a UK university, the application process and living in the UK. ABP Student Services officer Nihan Mirajkar, who explained the purpose of the assembly to the students, also introduced the club faculty supervisors. This year the ABP has 11 different clubs: debate (Barbara Stoll, Hassan Zeidan, Alyson Davies, Bob Maracacci); Photography (Mike Grossman); Japanese culture (Shanta Edwards); Newsletter (Derrick Moloney); Music (Jehanzaib Chaudhry), Model United Nations (Aggie Ellam, Ahmet Bikman, Carmen Moldovan, Anna Keaschuk); Robotics (Kim Tresholavy); Book Club (Nancy Lovelace, Carol Crehan); Football for boys (Anthony Adamson); Basketball for boys (Mark Dowd, Gilles Buck); Writing (Bob Maracacci, Asma al-Qaysi); Computer (Mutassim Awadallah). There will also be debate programme presentations, which will have the popular Qatar TV programme “Lakom Al-Karar” presenter Abdulaziz al-Ishaq talking about the programme. Educational Outreach and Logistics co-ordinator Sheelagh Windrum and production co-ordinator Alya al-Suwaidi will talk about “The Doha Debates.” Arabic Debate coach Nazar Mukhtar will speak about the different debating tournaments and workshops QatarDebate organises for high school and university students to train and develop their debating and critical thinking skills, preparing them to participate in local and international tournaments as debaters and even as judges. Al-Boainain said: “The special assembly was a great chance for us to meet with our students and clarify for them how to deal with some very important activities and events that are part of our extra-curricular opportunities and that complement ABP’s rigorous academic curriculum. We are optimistic that our students will feel responsible enough to develop their skills and abilities through interacting with the activities that are offered to them.” Gulf Times