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Posted On: 6 April 2015 07:27 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:15 pm

Strong winds forecast; call to avoid dust exposure

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Strong winds and poor horizontal visibility due to dust have been forecast by the Meteorology Department, prompting the Supreme Council of Health (SCH) to advise residents, particularly elderly people with asthma and lung ailments, to stay indoors and avoid direct exposure to sand and dust.
People who have undergone eye and nose surgery recently should avoid exposure to dust and ensure windows and doors are properly shut and plug holes in windows and gap beneath doors by stuffing wet towels, the SCH said in a statement issued through Qatar News Agency.
The council advised people to wash face, mouth and nose frequently and wear protective masks or use moist tissue papers to cover nose and mouth to prevent dust entering lungs.
Eyes should not be rubbed vigorously in the event of dust entering and people vulnerable to allergies should use antihistamines prescribed by authorised medical centres and practitioners.
People who work outdoors should adjust their duty schedules to reduce exposure to dust. If people notice symptoms of allergies, such as watering eyes, coughing and asthma attacks and whizzing sound while breathing they should immediately report to emergency health department, the SCH urged.
The Met Office cautioned that though general visibility will be between three and 8km owing to dust, it could fall to 2km or even less at times.
The offshore would be terribly stormy and the sea is expected to rise eight to 10ft.The intensity of winds on the inshore areas may decrease in the afternoon from between 20 and 27 knots in the morning to the region of 5 to 15 knots late in the evening. On the offshore region too a similar fall in the wind speed is expected in the evening from being stormy and rough earlier in the day.
The day's maximum temperature will be anywhere around 35 and 36C and the likely minimum is 23C. Compared to other regions, northern Ruwais will be cooler with a minimum and maximum of 23C and 28C, respectively.
In sharp contrast to such conditions, southern areas of Mesaieed and Wakra will be more warmer with a maximum of 36C. Doha's minimum and maximum will be 24C and 35C.