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Posted On: 16 June 2013 03:43 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:13 pm

Stricter safety rules urged after petrol station fire

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A fire that occurred at a petrol station in Doha on Friday has triggered calls for enhancing safety measures in such sensitive locations to avoid a repetition of such mishaps. The fire broke out in a small cafeteria in the Falcon petrol station near the Mall roundabout. None was injured in the incident. Several citizens have expressed concern over a repetition of such incidents and called for stricter safety rules for shops functioning in petrol stations. The presence of too many small shops, including restaurants in several petrol stations is a matter of great concern, they said. “The situation has improved compared to the past and the Civil Defence Department has imposed stricter safety rules for shops in petrol stations. However, the latest incident indicates that there is a need to further intensify monitoring,” said Ahmed Jolo, president of the Qatar Engineers Association. He said the number of shops in petrol stations should be reduced to ensure safety. It is also important to have the shops, especially restaurants in a safe distance from the filling machines. “There is no need for too many shops in petrol stations. One or two big facilities will be enough. However, the government should allow private companies to open more petrol stations,” he added. Another Qatari citizen said there should be special regulations for licensing shops being set up in petrol stations. The number of facilities should be cut down. “Too many small and big shops are operating in some petrol stations like the one in Abu Hamour. There is an array of popular restaurants located close to the filling machines. This is posing a potential threat to public safety,” he said.