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Posted On: 15 June 2017 07:44 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:17 pm

Startup of the Week: Juicin’ It quenches your thirst and keeps it real

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Our newest feature segment, “Startup of the week” spotlights Qatar’s most innovative, unique, and impactful startups every week. ILQ covers different startups across Doha’s various industries, from fashion and beauty to food and dining, health and education, and more! This week we focus on a local startup that brings you freshness in a bottle!

Juicin’ It is a new organic cold-pressed juice company established in Qatar by two female entrepreneurs, Noor Al Ansari from Qatar, and Ujvala Vemparala, an Indian-American. They offer a healthier and more nutritious option for health and fitness addicts across Doha.

They offer eight different flavors of juices, using only fresh, organic, and all-natural products, with no preservatives, sugar or GMOs. If you’re looking to go on a juice cleanse or want a more healthy and balanced diet, Juicin’ It’s juices serve a number of purposes, such as detox and weight loss. They're also packed with nutrients and healthy enzymes!

_DSC8089.jpgPictured above: One of Juicin' It's juices

“I went to university in New York and organic, natural, raw and vegan were always a part of our diets since we were children,” Vemparala said. “Noor also believes in the best food for herself and her family and only buys organic products, especially for her baby.”

According to Vemparala, instead of names, the juices have numbers.

“The juice numbers are personal, as this whole business is,” Vemparala said. “…They are named after significant years in our life, for example 28 is the birth date of Noor's son, 65 is the birth year of my dad. We've aimed to do something different and extremely personal and close to ours hearts for the love of all things good and healthy.”

Juicin’ It is very environmentally-friendly, particularly with their packaging and making sure to compost all waste.

“We've aimed to do something different and extremely personal and close to our hearts, for the love of all things good and healthy,” Vemperala said.

About Juicin’ It:



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