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Posted On: 21 July 2016 06:54 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Sridan offers a playful dining experience and more bang for your buck

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Not only does Sridan at Shangri-la Doha offer a different dining experience it also seems to be unbeatable on value too –It's only QR 99 for a buffet lunch and QR 129 for a buffet dinner. We say bring it on.


I’ll put my hands up now and admit I’m not a fan of a buffet meal. All that food laid out makes my hunger go into hibernation mode. Which kind of defeats the point of going out for food. So why exactly am I here singing the praises of Sridan, the international buffet restaurant at Shangri-la Doha? Good question, which I’m pleased to bring you with unbiased honesty. To sum it up in one sentence, I’d say it’s a fun dining experience. It felt like shopping (my husband will vouch for my love of this) in the sense that there are little shops (food stations) where you can pick up food made to your exact preferences.

For example, you can stop at the Asian food station and have a noodle soup made with your choice of protein, stock, noodles and vegetables. You can choose which kebabs you’d like cooked along with some freshly made bread. Or if you fancy something lighter - perhaps some seafood or sushi - you can take a stroll across the large dining room (think of those calories you’re burning off) where you’ll find the fresh seafood and salads.


The interior itself has been designed to reflect the ambiance of an Arabian souq. You’ll find a walkway you can take a shortcut through to make it back to your table. There are also nice decorative touches and they’ve paid attention to all the little details to ensure your dining experience is that little bit special. Sridan also has some unique features like a pizza oven, tandoor, a well-stocked tea and coffee station and a shop where you can buy local traditional kitchen and homeware.

Although the choice is huge – there’s 10 live cooking stations – and you couldn’t possibly try everything. I didn’t feel overwhelmed, it felt new and exciting. Everything I tried – Arabic, Indian, Asian and Western – was cooked well and had real flavor. Our favourite of the night was the tandoori chicken kebabs, which were tender and spicy and left me wanting to abandon thoughts of trying anything else. Yet of course I did, and even left room for dessert. I went traditional and fitted in an umm ali, and on recommendation from the chef and restaurant manager, I enjoyed this hot dessert topped with ice cream ­– a nice tip off from the team and a lovely way to end our meal.

Would we revisit? You bet. And this time I’m heading straight for the Moroccan and freshly made piade and pizza.

Dinner buffet is from 6.30 – 10.30pm and is 129QR

Lunch is 12-3pm every day except Fridays and is 99QR

For more information visit the Shangri-La website.