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Posted On: 27 May 2012 02:14 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm

Some workers made to toil 12 hours: Report

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Qatar’s Labour Law guarantees complete protection to labour rights but many construction companies are violating key provisions of the law, Al Sharq reported yesterday. Labourers are not paid salary on time and they work extra hours in the blazing heat, which leads to health problems, the daily reported. As per the law, labourers have to work for eight hours a day and they are allowed two hours overtime, yet many work for 12 hours. The law also restricts companies from making labourers work under high temperature. The daily said the Labour Department is not monitoring working conditions, especially in the summer time, which is why companies who run on profit are making labourers work overtime. Labourers can work for 48 hours a week, and 36 hours during Ramadan. They are allowed one hour break, in addition to the provision that they cannot work for more than five hours straight. Their weekly off cannot be less than 24 hours. Those who have worked for five years are allowed thirty days off in a year. Maximum temperature in Qatar exceeds 45 degrees in summer. Working in such harsh weather causes multiple health woes, the report said. Over the years, thousands of workers have complained about the weather conditions. Although some companies have introduced flexible working hours and better facilities for their employees, many are still not bothered. Labourers are also increasingly asking for health insurance and better medical services. Mohammad Subhi, a labourer of a contracting company, said that working in high temperature has taken a toll on his health. “It’s difficult to work in hot weather. I’ve been suffering from dizziness because of the summer heat but the company has not issued sick leave for me.” Subhi called on companies to shift working hours to evening during summer. “Our company doesn’t give us salary on time which creates many problems for my family,” said Mohiyundeen Amir. Al Sharq visited many labour camps and said it found that proper facilities were not in place, including air-conditioning. Many people were huddled together in small rooms, which also makes them prone to diseases. The Peninsula