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Posted On: 14 May 2016 12:45 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Some Me-Time at Meesh Cafe - Food Tasting

Anushay T.Khan
Anushay T.Khan
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The ILQ team was recently invited to Meesh, Me-Time café for some food tasting. We arrived at noon to a chic café. The café’s ambience was great; the me-time theme completely went with the look. You could see high stools and comfortable sofas there with a separate work station where you could plug in your laptops. We were welcomed by the friendliest staff and manager who were ready to get us comfortable.


The tasting started with milkshakes and I went for their personal recommendations. A vanilla ice-cream milkshake with chocolate chips took me to a trip to heaven. In the scorching heat and out without any breakfast, this cold and delicious milkshake was like a sip of heaven.


We were then served four different types of sandwiches on a wooden platter which was quite different than anything we’ve seen yet. The peri-peri in ciabatta bread accompanied by a salad of onions and carrot and mixed with cheddar cheese was my first bite. It was slightly tangy – the perfect amount – with the peri-peri being just the right amount in a sandwich. A special jam/chutney accompanied this sandwich which gave this tangy taste.

Next, a smoked salmon wrap with cream cheese and avocado was my pick and it won my heart. The salmon was smoked just the right amount to give it a pleasant flavor and the avocado was a winning factor in this sandwich as it made it complete.

The roast beef sandwich had BBQ sauce and was pretty much a mini steak sandwich which I loved and the last option was a sun-dried and mozzarella cheese sandwich. What I loved about these sandwiches was that the café experimented with all sorts of bread and cheese, giving us the best of what they have. The wraps and sandwiches range from QTR 25-35.


I’m personally not a huge fan of salads but the café prepared us a healthy green one, calling it the Power Salad, with cucumber, kale, quinoa, rocket leaves with cranberries to give a good taste to it. The Lemon and vineger dressing was delicious and made the salad all the more appealing.

The desserts, I must say, were the favorite bit of this tasting. Even though I was full by then, the look of these desserts was calling to me. Our options included brownies, red velvet cupcake and cheesecake. The brownies have the balanced amount of sugar in them and were light and edible at any time. The cheesecake reminded me of the 'Cheesecake Factory' due to the heavenly taste it had. It is absolutely one of the best I have had in Qatar. The cream cheese on the red velvet cake had me wanting more as the blend of red velvet and the topping was perfection in my opinion


ILQ would recommend that you try the smoked salmon sandwich and cheesecake the next time you go there. You can even have their breakfast and work at the station as you have some me-time. None of the items on the menu cross QTR 35 which is not bad for the healthy options they are giving. Meesh cafe is a sure addition to the favourite's list for foodies in Doha.