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Posted On: 8 April 2012 02:55 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

Some jobless expatriates beg to survive

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Some unskilled foreign workers brought here by sponsors who have no jobs to offer them are forced to beg to survive as they fail to get employment elsewhere, local Arabic daily Al Raya reported yesterday. And not only that these hapless workers are on their own, they must also pay a ‘fee’ annually to their sponsors to get their work visas renewed, said the daily. Some employers bring workers from overseas and ask them to work elsewhere on the condition that they must pay them an annual fee, according to the daily. But some of these workers fail to land jobs so they are forced to beg to survive. Then, some runaway workers are also into begging which is banned by law in Qatar, said the daily. However, despite the ban begging is on the rise in public places and a new trend is being witnessed as some people, including men and women, are seen vending things like rosaries at slightly higher rates soliciting passersby to buy to help them, said the daily. Some runaway workers are also into begging, the daily said quoting community elders. Most beggars are women and remain dressed in GCC attires although they look like ‘Asians’. Some community elders told the daily there is the need for charitable societies to look into the phenomenon of begging and find out if there are people who genuinely are in need of financial assistance. In that case they must come to the rescue of the lot and help combat begging. The Peninsula