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Posted On: 6 January 2021 07:32 pm
Updated On: 6 January 2021 08:15 pm

Solution to Gulf Crisis a victory for the Gulf Cooperation Council: Deputy PM and Minister of Foreign Affairs

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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Speaking with Al Jazeera channel, H.E. Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs said that the crisis was an exceptional situation in the past years and the solution is a victory for the Gulf Cooperation Council.

He also mentioned that the basics of the Al-Ula agreement are not to harm any country, interfere in its affairs or threaten the security of the region. "We have agreed on basic principles to overcome the current disagreement and rules for the governance of state relations in the future. There will be no conditions from one state to another. The specific rules for the Al-Ula statement are general rules and main principles and whether to publish it or not has not been discussed. I do not know the extent of the interest of other countries in publishing the final statement of the summit and there is no embarrassment in it for any country.", H.E. Sheikh Mohammed said.

H.E. said that the crisis was an exceptional situation for years past, and the solution is a victory for the Gulf Cooperation Council. "We consider what happened is reconciliation, and Saudi Arabia represented all parties, and everyone participated, and everyone took part. The circumstances of the 2017 crisis are different from the 2014 crisis and the rift is different and therefore the understandings are different."

He added that the issue of Al-Jazeera has not been raised. "It is an institution that we are proud of, its media professionals, and its presence in Qatar. We guarantee freedom of expression and the issue of Al-Jazeera must be dealt with positively and constructively."

Talking about the escalation between Iran and the United States of America, H.E. said "We are monitoring the escalation between America and Iran, and our message to the two parties is that we do not want an escalation or military action."

Source: Al Jazeera
Cover image source: Al Jasrah News