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Posted On: 30 June 2013 12:29 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:13 pm

Soaring mercury keeps visitors off public parks

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Public parks are getting fewer visitors due to the rising temperature and lack of shade or cooling facilities. The parks wear a deserted look especially in the morning and afternoon. Besides the heat, residents say a dearth of recreational and entertainment facilities is also responsible for the low turnout at the parks. “Usually, expatriate families spend the summer vacation in their home countries. Those who stay back prefer to stay in a closed, air-conditioned environment. The heat and humidity spoil the fun in open places such as parks,” said Margo, a British national. Central Municipal Council vice-chairman Jassim al-Malki had suggested that the parks be equipped with mist fans. These would provide a convenient and economic solution, allowing visitors to relax without bothering about the heat. Meanwhile, there have been calls from the local community to introduce more recreation and entertainment facilities in parks around the county, along with climate control technology and other features to attract more visitors. “The places are really good, free of charge and most of them have well-equipped and safe playing areas for children. However, it is practically impossible to take children there during the morning hours or even in the afternoon during summer. It is a little better in the evenings when the temperature comes down a bit,” said Hanan, an Arab expatriate. She wished that public parks and neighbourhood gardens had more sophisticated technology to ensure that more families took their children there to play in the morning. “It is healthy for both children and adults to breathe some fresh air in the morning and stay under the sun for a while,” she added. Physicians recommend that people should be exposed to the sun for 5-30 minutes to get enough Vitamin D. Others suggest that more trees should be planted in the parks as these will provide shade and offer a long-term solution.