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Posted On: 16 August 2011 07:34 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

Singing Dunes to host art expo on Aug 23-24

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EVER heard of an art exhibition amid sand dunes in the hottest month of the year? A world-first event in such a location and season, and aptly titled ‘The Hottest Art Exhibition in the World’, will open on August 23. The show will feature ten abstract paintings by Doha-based artist Edgy set on the Singing Dunes, on August 23 and 24, from 3pm to 7.30pm. The paintings are abstract forms inspired by the people and culture of Middle East life. It is also the first of the artist’s unique series of abstract art exhibitions which will be followed by the ‘Coldest Art Exhibition in the World’, the ‘Highest Art Exhibition in the World’ and the ‘Lowest Art Exhibition in the World’. Talking to Qatar Tribune on Monday, Edgy said his concept was to promote art in a natural setting. The Singing Dunes in Qatar is a famous tourist spot in the country and reportedly one of the about 30 such sites in the world where a musical sound is produced when the air blows through the hillocks formed of shifting sand. “The Singing Dunes is a very special natural phenomenon in Qatar. No other art expo has ever been organised under temperatures over 50 degrees Celsius in the hottest month of the year here. Also, I’d like to see what nature does to the paintings. I didn’t use any special oil or acrylic. If nature destroys the paintings then that’s the paintings,” he said. Edgy has been into painting for over 15 years but showcasing his works at private functions. Originally from Australia, he has been a resident in Qatar for six years now. The art show on the Singing Dunes will be the very first opportunity for the public to view his works. He said, “I have been painting for over 15 years but it is only during the last five years that I have devoted more time to my craft. I showcased my works during personal parties with friends but not yet in public. I received mixed response from them. I enjoy hearing the views people get out of my art. All my paintings have strong elements related to Middle East culture. Each one has its own story, but I want people to get different things out of it.” Talking about his unique art show concept, he said his inspiration is mainly the environment and his surroundings. According to him, “Through a friend, I heard of another artist who did an exhibition on the mountains. And so I thought of Qatar and what to do in this unique spot. This is the first of the series of unique exhibitions I’ll be launching. For the coldest exhibition, I’m thinking of going to Antarctic, for the highest exhibition perhaps on the Himalayas and for the lowest it could be at the Dead Sea. I want to share this unique idea with the rest of the world.” Edgy has also been working on a global iconic art project called “Sticks” with Australian aboriginal Elder Joy Murphy Wandin (great granddaughter of famous aboriginal painter William Barak) which is planned for world release in 2012. He also has completed another Middle East abstract series to be launched soon under official patronage. He is also working on a “History Series” documenting the changes and progress in Qatar in the last 50 years.