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Posted On: 11 June 2017 08:55 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:17 pm

Show your love for Qatar, send ILQ a video message

Paper Boy
Paper Boy
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ILQ wants to create a video showing what living in Qatar is really like. Despite what the media narrative says about the current situation, we want to highlight the truth of how we’re actually living by having real people in Qatar share their experiences.

We’d love for you take a video of yourself sharing a message about Qatar! We'll then compile all the videos in a montage and share it on our site, YouTube, and social media channels!

Please mention:

1- Your name (full name, first name, or no name is fine)
2- Where you're from (important)
3- How long you've been in Qatar
4- A short message. Could be something as simple as "I love Qatar", "I'm with Qatar", or anything you want to say about Qatar.

You can film with your phone or camera, but please try to have someone hold it for you or stand it up with a tripod instead of doing it as a selfie. If you've got no choice, filming selfie-style is fine!

Please email your video to [email protected] 

Thank you for all your support! We look forward to your submissions!