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Posted On: 4 January 2009 11:55 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Shop right there: Husband ends spending spree

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Paper Boy
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A husband divorced his wife after she called the police complaining that she had been locked inside the house as a punishment. The emergency wing of the police which was contacted by the caller immediately rushed a team of sleuths to the address provided by her sensing that she was in trouble. She said she had been ‘imprisoned’ by her husband in their own house. But after reaching there the officers realised it was only a minor tiff between a husband and wife. The woman was fuming with anger and told the police she had asked her husband’s permission to go shopping but he not only refused to allow her to venture out but also left locked her inside and went to work. The woman accused her husband of ‘jailing her’ in their own house in revenge. The police took her husband’s mobile phone number from her and called him to confirm if his wife was telling the truth. The man was embarrassed to know that her wife had actually called in the police over a trivial matter. He divorced her in rage, a local Arabic daily reported yesterday quoting police sources.