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Posted On: 21 August 2016 04:11 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Shades Café: A great place to eat and beat the sun!

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Written by: Musa

Shades Café is actually a great place to get some shade from the sun. Situated in the heart of Doha tower, which is located near the Corniche in West Bay, it poses as an ideal location for coffee. Generally considered as a great place to hang out, you don't just beat the heat, but have a great time as well. The cafe is known to be frequented by esteemed bloggers and businessmen as well.


As soon as you enter you are welcomed by soothing background music and a very modern setting. Almost the entirety of the cafe is covered with windowed walls giving you a great view of the outdoor seating area. The seating consists of comfortable sofas and stylish chairs, and as a bonus, almost each seating area has an electrical socket to charge your devices as you eat or chill out. Although the cafe offers free wifi, it wasn't working very well when I had visited the one time. Maybe it was just the time I had visited though.

The menu offers a selection of light, yet tasty, salads, as well as delicious sandwiches. I tried out their ciabatta smoke sandwich along with their parisenne salad, both being their signature dishes. The ciabatta sandwich consisted of ciabatta bread, turkey and tomato marmalade. It was a light and healthy sandwich but also left a great taste in my mouth! The salad consisted of spinach, mixed greens, amazing grilled chicken, goat cheese crotons and an assortment of delectable dressings.


The service was complemented by the already established high quality of cooking. The waitresses were very friendly and the manager was always willing to exchange kind words. The food took around 10-15 minutes to be prepared and served, which I was relieved to see as I was starving.

Overall, the price of the food was modest, costing no more than QR60 per person. This included the meal and a drink, and despite not having internet, which wasn’t much of a problem, I highly recommend everyone to try out Shades Café!

Have you ever visited Shades Café? What's your favorite dish there? Comment below!