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Posted On: 14 July 2009 11:20 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Seven Vodafone handset models unveiled

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With the opening of its first retail store here, Vodafone Qatar introduced its handsets, manufactured exclusively for Vodafone, to the public yesterday. Seven types of handsets, branded with the Vodafone logo, were displayed at Vodafone Qatar’s newly opened store at Landmark Mall yesterday. Lanre Animashaun, principal manager for terminals, accessories and merchandise, said the new mobile phones displayed at the store were: Vodafone 125, Vodafone 136, Vodafone 225, Vodafone 228, Vodafone 236, Vodafone 330 and Vodafone 830. The Vodafone 125 handset, Animashaun said, was a basic, low-end GSM handset which can be used for SMS and voice calls only. He said it was an ultra low-cost consumer handset, which costs QR95. Vodafone 136, which costs around QR100, is almost the same as the Vodafone 125 but with more features, like the vibrate mode, lights and speakerphone, said Animashaun. Vodafone 225, priced at QR110, has the same features as Vodafone 125 but with a colour screen, while Vodafone 236 has the same features as Vodafone 136 but with a colour screen. Vodafone 228, Animashaun said, had the same features as Vodafone 225, but with a slider. The Vodafone 330 is the basic colour screen handset but with mobile Internet support and e-mail. It also has an FM radio. The Vodafone 830, which is priced at QR725, is a high-end product and a fully-featured handset. Animashaun said it was a 3G phone so it has fast Internet. It also has a 3.2 megapixel camera, a slider, a micro SD slot for memory cards, a music player, Bluetooth and java. Asked why consumers should buy the Vodafone handsets, Michael Portz, Chief Marketing Officer of Vodafone Qatar, said the handsets were easy to use, provided good value and were competitively priced. “It is more affordable compared with other brands with the same features.” Portz said the handsets were network unlocked so customers could use SIM cards from other telecommunications companies. He said Vodafone Qatar retail stores will soon sell Blackberry and Blackberry Storm.