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Posted On: 13 November 2013 11:12 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:13 pm


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The Youth Company, Qatar – not for profit social enterprise for youth development and empowerment – has begun the first of three pillars of this year’s Run The World Program with “RTW Talks” – a series a 4 talk-shows taking place every Saturday between the 9th and 30th of November 2013. The forums will be featuring a range of topics discussing how youth can lead healthier and happier lifestyles, where delegates will be given the opportunity to touch base with some of the region and the world’s champions in health, wellbeing, sports, and innovation. The second RTW Talk is set to be held at Youth Hub, Qatar on the 16th of November and will feature the topic of self image in men, titled, “Man In The Mirror.” The show aims to explore how, like women and girls, young men are also faced with pressures of self image, and with progressive influence from fashion, media, and competition, can fall at the hands of performance enhancing drugs, particularly among professional athletes. As TYC’s largest and most-anticipated youth event of the year, Run The World presents an exciting opportunity for youth between the ages of 14 to 29 years to not only participate in a range of sports, fun activities, showcase outstanding talents, and explore worldwide cultures – all of which will form the main events of the three-day RTWF in December – but also to get involved in community projects and forums such as RTW Talk and RTW Legacy. These additional programs are aimed to make this year’s edition a more community enriching and empowering experience. “This time, RTWF 2013 is not just about encouraging youth to lead healthy and active lifestyles. It is about gaining new experiences, awareness and learning new things not only about ourselves, but also about other individuals and the community around us. In RTW Talk, the first part of this exciting edition, we want young people to listen to what experts have to say about their own life-changing experiences, and the advice they share for becoming healthier, happier, and more engaged citizens of the world,” says Abdulrahman Sajid, Director of Youth Hub and YESS. Speakers and delegates will be invited to take part in the forums and engage in speeches, panel discussions, debates, and interactive activities that inform, motivate and connect the participants. Moreover, RTW Talks are an excellent opportunity for youth to create new networks around Doha. - ILQ News -