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Posted On: 23 May 2010 06:44 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

School officials worried over negative remarks

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The official parents’ body of the DPS-Modern Indian School has appealed to all parents associated with the school to keep restraint while raising issues related with the institution in the wake of the tragic death of a KG student last week. In a hastily convened press conference at the school premises yesterday, nine elected representatives of the parents said they were worried about the “negative” reports appearing in the media about the school following the incident. They put the blame on some parents who have been venting their ire against the school management in an “irresponsible” manner without thinking how their statements could damage the reputation of the school. The representatives had been elected by the parents of students in each class. The elections started about 10 days before the incident are yet to be completed in two classes. “We are the elected representatives of the parents and we request the media to check with us while reporting anything on behalf of the parents,” said Abdul Sathar, who represents Class IV parents. Sathar, who was the one who took the initiative to call a parents’ meeting after the tragic incident, said it was unfortunate that some participants in the meeting had called for shutting down the school. “It was intended to be a condolence meeting. The emotional outbursts in the meeting were natural but we are sorry for some indecent remarks made by some participants about the principal and some managing committee members,” he added. “Being a representative body of the parents, we will take up all the issues raised by the parents to the management and seek solutions. We are already in the process of doing that.” The members said they were satisfied with the academic standards of the school, although there was room for improvement as far as the facilities were concerned. They however admitted that they were yet to identify the issues that needed immediate attention at the school. “All of us were elected recently and we held our first meeting today. The tragic incident has convinced us that we have to do something to address the concerns of the parents. All those associated with the school including the students, teachers and the parents are worried about the reports and rumours circulating about the school,” said another member. Other representatives who attended the meeting were Sanjay Gupta, N P Sahoo, Sunil Bedi, Moninder Manhas, Arti Chabbra, Ramana Kumar, Sanjay Bedi and Sageer K M.