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Posted On: 13 February 2020 02:11 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:21 pm

Saudi-Qatar talks to resolve Gulf dispute break down -- GCC Crisis Updates Week 141

Khadiza Begum
Khadiza Begum
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Have you missed the most important political stories of this week on the GCC crisis? Every Thursday, we take a moment to bring you all the updates on the latest developments in the ongoing Gulf crisis.

Here's what happened last week:

12 February 2020

Saudi-Qatar talks to resolve Gulf dispute break down

Talks between Saudi Arabia and Qatar to resolve a bitter Gulf dispute broke down soon after starting, at least six diplomatic sources confirmed, according to a report by Reuters.

Qatar’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani, who visited Saudi Arabia for talks, told Reuters on December 14, 2019, that there had been “small progress” without elaborating.

But a Qatari source familiar with government thinking told Reuters that discussions had ended because demands on Qatar were unrealistic, saying “we weren’t going to become a proxy state”.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Egypt cut diplomatic and trade links with Qatar in June 2017, accusing it of backing "terrorism". Qatar has consistently denied the charge and accused its neighbours of seeking to curtail its sovereignty.

10 February 2020

UAE restores postal services to Qatar after more than 2 years


The United Arab Emirates has resumed postal services to Qatar nearly three years after they were suspended due to a Gulf Arab political dispute, reported Reuters.

Following instructions of the UAE government, Emirates Post Group suspended all postal services to Qatar in all its postal offices in the UAE from June 6, 2017. However, the United Arab Emirates has recently restored mail services to Qatar, frozen for more than two years amid a diplomatic rift, after a regional meeting attended by both Gulf states and the United Nations’ postal agency.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether the move indicated a broader mending of ties between the countries mired in a wider diplomatic dispute that has hurt trade and split the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), reported Bloomberg. Click here to read more!

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(Cover photo credit: AFP)