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Posted On: 4 April 2010 04:26 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

Sacked maid helped solve burglary

Paper Boy
Paper Boy
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A maid who was sacked by a Qatari family and packed off to her home country unceremoniously helped in cracking a major burglary in the household. The burglars had broken into the house and stolen jewellery and cash worth QR380,000 which were eventually recovered. The house was barren as the family was vacationing overseas. They were in for a shock when they returned from vacation and saw their home burgled. A search of the house revealed that the box in which they had locked cash and jewellery was missing. The family lodged a complaint with the police. The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Ministry of Interior took up the matter and set up a team to crack the theft. Members of the team while talking to the family came to know of the maid who had just been sent back home. Taking her telephone number from the family the officers contacted the maid and told her about the theft and asked her if she suspected anyone she knew in Doha that could be involved in the theft. The maid told the CID sleuths she had close relations with a man while working with this household. He was a fellow national and that he had been to the house so might provide a clue. Taking his personal details from the maid, the investigators confronted the man and questioned him. He admitted he had burgled the house with an accomplice. The duo led the officers to the place where they had hidden the box containing cash and jewellery. The jewellery was intact but the suspects had used some of the cash to buy an expensive LCD TV. They also confessed they were about to send the stolen valuables to their home country. Law-enforcement agencies have urged people not to keep cash and jewellery at home while going on vacation and instead rely on bank lockers.