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Posted On: 18 June 2009 08:45 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Rules to ensure safety at petrol, service stations being framed

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Extensive rules are being framed to ensure safety at petrol and service stations across the country. There are currently 77 such stations all over the country. Launched in November 2007, the Petrol Station Executive Committee (PSEC) is busy framing these regulations. The committee was formed following recommendation from the Higher Environmental Council (now the Ministry of Environment) with the objective of making sure that all petrol stations conform to global specifications concerning safety, environment and health. The specifications are meant to ensure the safety of individuals and drivers from the dangers of distributing and selling petrochemical materials and the services that come along with it. Saad bin Ali Al Kubaisi, Chairman of the PSEC, said at a news conference yesterday: “The committee is currently studying the state of the current petrol stations, and is formulating plans and regulations for them” “We are currently examining all the petrol stations in Qatar, and have put policies and training plans for all workers in the petrol stations for emergency procedure, such as fires” said Al Kubaisi. When asked if during the initial study done by the committee, if any violations were discovered in some petrol stations Al Kubaisi said “We have found a few unintentional violations, which were rectified by the petrol stations quickly” adding “we would like to thank the petrol stations in Qatar for their cooperation and quick response to our requirement” Qatar currently has 77 petrol stations, and PSEC is collecting data from all, and is putting together a plan for the regular technical inspections. PESC is training supervisors in safety, health and environmental regulations, as well as training them on how to handle oil and petrol spills, and how to minimize environmental pollution in case such circumstances occur.