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Posted On: 13 December 2012 02:20 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm

Rules for national day - translated from Arabic (yes women can attend)

Khalifa Al Haroon
Khalifa Al Haroon
Your friendly neighborhood Qatari
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I received this whatsapp broadcast and thought I would translate it. I'm not sure if this is 100% though, it's just a translation of what I received. Translation from Qatari show, "My dear country, Good morning. ‏​Mohammed al Kharji said: - sticking out of any of the windows - illegal Dancing in public streets - illegal Using sprays or spray soaps - illegal Annoying others. Violating their personal space - illegal Not complying with police - illegal Covering car plate with flag or anything at all - illegal Putting a sticker on your front window in your car - illegal Additionally, Violating any of these rules can also include having your car impounded. This is considered an insult and not a celebration of the country. ------------------------ My comment: I agree with a lot of the rules. There are punks on the streets that try to ruin it for everyone, what is sad (if true), is that people shouldn't dance, decorate their cars (based on what was published in the news before), and I think that its all about a fair balance of allowing people to express their love for their country. I'm all for rules that make sense, inshallah things don't get to the point where we are told how to celebrate :p Put your hands up, clap your hands (4 claps), jump 2 times, cheer, now go home!