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Posted On: 15 December 2020 01:10 pm
Updated On: 16 December 2020 12:47 pm

Which roads will be closed on Doha Corniche for Qatar National Day 2020?

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Road closures for Qatar National Day 2020

During the press conference to discuss road closures on Qatar National Day (QND) 2020, Brigadier General Ali Khajim Al-Athbi, Director of the Facilities and Authorities Security Department at the Ministry of Interior and Head of the Security Committee stated that the Corniche waterfront would be closed to everyone and no citizen, resident or vehicle would be allowed to be in the area as it is gradually closed off starting from at least a night before the Qatar National Day. On Friday 18 December 2020, only those with invitations for the QND parade will be allowed in the area, according to the AlRaya Twitter Page.

See which areas and roads will be closed:

Which roads will be closed on Doha Corniche for Qatar National Day 2020?
Road closures and restricted areas on Doha Corniche during QND 2020 celebrations (AlRaya Twitter)

The QND parade will take start between 9 am and 9:30 am and is not open to the public. Only people invited for the event which mainly includes families of the medical staff, in appreciation by Qatar for their efforts during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, will be allowed to enter the parade area year. No one will be allowed to be present on the Doha Corniche and the surrounding streets, except for authorised persons and holders of invitation cards for the QND parade. Anyone over the age of 60 will also not be allowed to watch the parade.

Parking spaces for invitees will be available at different places of the Al Bidda Park and once the invitees enter the parade area, they will not be allowed to leave till the parade finishes as a safety precaution.

Brigadier General Ali Khajim Al-Athbi urged all invitation holders to not bring anyone to the parade who doesn't have an invitation because they will not be allowed to enter

He also talked about how, in recent years, the number of people in Qatar attending the National Day parade has been in the range of 19,000 people, but this year, the number has been cut down to just 2,569 people, due to adherence to the health and safety procedures related to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Brigadier General Ali Khajim Al-Athbi also mentioned that there would be a fireworks display as part of the QND celebrations and would start at 8:30 pm on Friday.

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Source: AlRaya Twitter